Building a community Edition

I am Interesting in Learning how to contribute with an i3 community edition, maybe can someone point me where do I find the source code for the sway community edition, I am hopping to get some clues from it…

I have look around the github and haven’t found anything, also I was navigating inside the .iso for footprints about community and the welcome screen that has the community edition install options is playing hide and seek with me because I haven’t find the code that is using… I mean I am not a professional at this, I use Linux as a hobbie and would love to turn it into a carrier in the future and a challenge like this one may tech me a good deal of everything.

I love desing, I am teaching my self some programming, sysadmin and my end goal is in the cybersec industry “someday”. I would really appreciate some help on how to get started, links to docs, source code, examples etc…

Anything really.

Its great to have a change to contribute to a project like this one.



Welcome to the community :partying_face:

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Hi and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

i3 already exist , maybe you can choose some other WM ?


Github :wink:

Welcome to the forum @pegromdev !


Welcome to the forum! :enos_flag: :wave:

i3 offering already exists at this repo

You can send pull requests to suggest changes or additions.

For community editions, the following repos hold them

We now ship them as packages. You don’t need to worry about integration with installer. Just add the configs and a pkgbuild.

There are two in-development ones. They are more or less ready, but aren’t yet offered with installer. You can help by testing them, or submitting pull requests

You can also work on a new wm altogether if you wish to. Do discuss on the forum before you start. There are some basic guidelines we follow with the Gtk theme, defaults, etc.

Indeed :wink:


After some rest and getting brain free i will try to add a little tutorial and information for contributing Community Editions.

I must add that it is possible to have different versions for the same DE/WM also one could set up a very minimal i3 or gaming Edition: everything is possible.

And also we do have already some nice conversations on telegram, welcome at the purple side @pegromdev :enos:


Looking forward to it

I think community editions will b next best step for endeavouros


Not as a community edition, plus I have a terminal oriented goal about it.
Two reasons for picking I3, Is my WM of Choice, is where I can do best.

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Yeah I got Help on the hole thing over at Telegram.

Me to… by having a look at the process of how Endeavor is building the iso I got it say… we are ahead of the game… The online mode has some amazing possibilities as I see it.

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Like I said,You already show me the door.
Thanks @joekamprad

To be Honest, I was hoping to create something new, different.
On my talks to @joekamprad He was commenting of the possibilities of having up to 5 versions of the same DE/WM offered by Endeevorus, I think I can contribute to an edition base on TUI and GUI free aiming at developers and programmers in general. I am already working on the configs but still needs work, maybe ready in Days or Weeks but was hoping to offer a solution pre-built for those of us who don’t need GUI Interfaces except those times when accessing forums like this or banks account etc, You know.

Let me go ahead and Built to have something to show more in details.

In terms of Theming I am gonna follow standards but will offer a easy solution to be dynamic thru out the whole system since I think that static themes are not for everyone and would like to know what is require as defaults if you don’t mind

I really appreciate all the info you have provided Thanks a lot @flyingcakes


Sure, that is on the plans! :grin: And it is good to have users willing to contribute

Earlier, I meant to say that create a thread for discussing your CE. That way, other users interested can test and share feedback. Like we already have threads for existing CE


For theming, it is good to have at least one version with basic Arc theme and minimal yet usable interface. But since we already have an i3 edition, feel free to customize yours as you wish :wink:
Only thing - it shouldn’t feel bloated :grin:


Sure, that is on the plans! :grin: And it is good to have users willing to contribute

I am glad to heard that, will open up a thread when I get closer to a minimal setup test environment for sure, I to agreed on minimal yet usable, there is no point of having something un- bloated if isn’t usable plus the ISO does a great job at letting u pick and choose if something feels bloated to you.


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