[Bug of Feature?] Relative html links behaviour

So…I’m not sure here, please clarify :slight_smile:

I observe different behavior, and would love to use relative links in such cases for a lot of reasons, including future wiki perhaps :shushing_face:

Case 1

When you click Table of content links for 2nd post, for example:

8. Problems

8. **[Problems](#heading--Problems)**

It will redirect to 2nd post with given id

<h1 id="heading--Problems">Problems</h1>

Case 2

When you click Table of content links for 2nd post, for example:

5. Lutris

5. **[Lutris](#heading-LinuxGaming-Lutris)**

It will NOT redirect to id with given id on 2nd post :thinking:

<h1 id="heading-LinuxGaming-Lutris">Lutris</h1>



The actual page code shows no id tag on that heading:

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Huh…That’s true.
Looks like a bug to me, because if you see raw post code - it’s there :confused:

Yeah for some reason in Case 2, post 2 all ids from html tags are stripped, unlike Case 1 :woozy_face:



I think i’ve figured it out, looks like now - no matter what, all the posts except 1st have their ids cut…

That behavior is not very great, Case 1 as it worked before is very handy, because you can’t use only 1st post since there are character limits :slightly_frowning_face:

Anything you can do to fix it?

Ok…So at least now, it seems that forum have reactive nature changed since Case 1, and doesn’t preload ids referred to in TOC if posts with this ID is “too far” in view :crying_cat_face:

I have been watching this behavior and DOM closely, nothing we can do about it apparently, except raising limit of 1st posts max characters count x3 or x5 to avoid multi-posts for big guide-style threads, @joekamprad is this realistic scenario?

P.S. Also it’s must to use links starting from #heading-- , but that i’ve already known…

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to be completely honest I almost only understand the “train station”! :question:

And i do think that there is not much on discourse to change that, the settings for the forum are also not that clear and cluttered a bit…


And that i haven’t undrestand :laughing:
Probably language barrier…

@jonathon maybe you got some ideas, since you were an admin too?

sure :tropical_drink: that’s a german saying…

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If you’re adding a table of contents then this plugin will help:


Well it’s not exactly universal, and now i asked about that mainly (sorry forgot to be more specific):

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Ah. I’d say that long tutorials/guides would be better posted as a wiki article.

But, the “max characters count” setting is known as “max post length”:



I believe both are good for my particular case, but still sometimes you need to make big research threads, where subject of a matter is still not clear before making a wiki…

So, what do you say @joekamprad?

I think that 90 000 would be reasonable start to try out, for example my Linux gaming guide is 38 777, but i estimate it to grow and this feels like pretty good max headroom for users to not get too limited and use advanced features like Table of content…

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i have to use resumer to read all this then :wink:

https://forum.endeavouros.com/t/foss-screen-space-ray-tracing-with-any-game-and-gputhis one is more like a magazine article from a Linux gaming mag, i do like this !

We can increase the number of letters, we will see if this will cause any issue … i do not like “normal” posts with to much words… and i do still think the forum is not that perfect to write tutorials…

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Well thank you, that one is my true passion of late - really fascinating topic to uncover for wider public! :smiley:

Oh yeah, me too, it’s kinda weird that there are no separate settings for 1st post and answers, that would make so much sense!
Maybe we need to suggest that as feature for Discourse if they have some kind of feedback mechanism / bug-tracker?
However i think that not many people will write books in answers, and spammers or trolls will be deleted really fast anyway…

I don’t know, i have mixed feelings about it from my experience, and still think that ideal workflow would be to have both tutorials and wiki (well and also outsource it somewhere like GitHub, which i’m preparing to, thx to your idea)!

You see, it’s one thing to have tutorial in itself sitting somewhere in wiki, and completely another to have productive discussion or community building around particular tutorial / theme and have some fast and meaningful updates / feedback on a matter!

Discourse is super-productive for latter, i think ability to do something like that in forum is exactly what makes huge difference between Arch forum and this one (or ex-Manjaro for that matter as well) :upside_down_face:

I don’t think that even GitHub issues would replicate that community-building aspect of revolving around particular theme of interest, however technically it will be very handy for Linux at large :slight_smile:

P.S. Btw that’s weird and bad, for some reason i don’t have Edit button on post 1 and 2 anymore :scream: :scream_cat:

Any ideas why that could be the case?
On Linux gaming topic i still have them, for example…

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i see that point is a good one, we do have tutorials at the forum from beginning, first one from first day, where we discuss and help to transform Antergos installs to EndeavourOS. And it is truely valid that having the tuto directly on the forum brings in a direct exchange with users. And a fact also that that some do not know about the wiki at all, same i see before at Antergos… What i would like would be simple have an option to port a tutorial to the wiki, or a wiki menu inside discourse so that it would be seamless…
But all together we do not have that strict structure on this, if you want to work in that way feel free to do so!

If we do expand letters number we need to keep an eye on that… it could brake threads…

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i do see only that it was moved to gaming before… may edits are limited also?

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Oh yeah, that would be perfect, and only possible if wiki will use Discourse markup style :slight_smile:
Plus as we discussed before, if there would be option to easily pull up from source like GitHub…

You think?

According to this if you don’t go higher than 99k which is max - there shouldn’t be issues, as far as i understood…

I don’t know, i haven’t edited it since july 29, which should be before moving topic to gaming, but Linux gaming topis was also moved that day, so i doubt it connected, shouldn’t be…

Yeah, definitely not that for SSRTGI topic today i haven’t edited it at all :slight_smile:

btw, if you ask me - it’s good idea to up this settings too, sometimes it’s annoying because PM edits also counts etc…

i do not see this stuff as i am not a user … i live on the other side of the matrix

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Architect…So you’re not human too? :robot:

Wish i could bring back ability to edit SSRTGI, no idea why i lost it in the first place…But i’ll need it soon :smile: :thinking: