Budgie troubles with mouse gestures

Good morning,

yesterday I realized that I could no longer drag and drop windows from one monitor to the next while maximizing the window by pulling in to the top of the monitor. The dragging still works, but pulling a window to the top does not maximize it anymore. I have looked if maybe some settings got changed, but I do not find a configuration for that behaviour.

The last changes to anything budgie-related are:

[2023-08-02T09:31:27+0200] [ALPM] upgraded budgie-control-center (1.2.0-1 -> 1.3.0-1)
[2023-08-05T07:18:09+0200] [ALPM] upgraded budgie-desktop (10.7.2-5 -> 10.7.2-6)
[2023-08-09T07:04:29+0200] [ALPM] upgraded budgie-extras (1.5.0-1 -> 1.6.0-1)

From this timeline, I guess the budgie-extras change on 9.8. should be the culprit, but maybe I didn’t realize the change as soon as it occured (I couldn’t swear on it), so I included all changes to budgie things from this month.

Anybody have an idea?

I wonder if it could be related to this:

PS. Not a Budgie user so I cannot test and verify.

The funny thing is that I read the thread before, but as I was already done with the upgrade and the instructions are only useful if you do it before or during the upgrade, and I saw no immediate problems arising I put it out of my head.

Thanks for the link though. Sadly, it is really really light on information what the symptoms would be.


If you feel up to trying, I think you could still switch to magpie-wm:

sudo pacman -Rdd mutter43
sudo pacman -S magpie-wm

Not sure if it is safest to do it from a TTY. Maybe it is.

As said before, I cannot test and verify if the issue you are experiencing is due to this change of the wm.

Okay, the kicker is: Both packages are already installed:

extra/magpie-wm 0.9.2-1 (2.4 MiB 13.4 MiB) (Installiert)
    Budgie's X11 window manager and compositor library forked from Mutter
extra/mutter 44.3-1 (2.6 MiB 14.1 MiB) (Installiert)
    Window manager and compositor for GNOME

If those two packages are conflicting, it shouldn’t be possible to have both installed, no? Strange in any case.

The two conflicting packages are mutter43 and mutter.

magpie-wm has mutter as dependency so it is normal to have it installed.

Rereading the linked issue I can see why this didn’t appear as a problem for me. The conflicting packages are:

  • mutter
  • mutter43

As I do not have mutter43 installed, and mutter43 is the package that needs to be replaced by magie-wm, I do not have any replacing to do.

What remains as a question is: Should some mechanism have installed mutter43 for me, at any point in time?

As a non Budgie user, I am not best suited to answer this question.

However, I guess as mutter43 was a dependency of budgie-desktop so it must have been installed in Budgie installations at some point.

It is not a dependency of budgie-desktop anymore but magpie-wm is, as can be seen here:

At some point of upgrading budgie-desktop, did you get any message about conflicting packages, that mutter43 was going to be replaced by mutter?

If you want you could look into your /var/log/pacman.log and search for mutter43.

Magpie allows mutter based desktops such as GNOME Shell to co-exist since the key-components such as libmagpie are separated by both name and file-system install location. Magpie shares some Mutter shared files; therefore these need to be delivered/installed as part of the distribution from its mutter package.

thats the new Budgie WM before it was using only Mutter as far as i remember… and with GNOME updates to Mutter44 Budgie was no longer compatible with GNOMES latest Mutter what causes it needed Mutter43 to be installed. And now there is magpie-wm what needs latest Mutter again (44) …

This would be the case. It would have been removed in an update when magpie-wm replaced mutter43. :thinking:

I have a recent install of budgie in vmware and it is working great.

I do not dare to mention the importance of backups. Even the underrated timeshift could have helped in this case.
Alt+F10 maximizes the window
but with a shovelful down I made a comparison with an arch based Budgie system
Edit: It turned out that dconf configs were different.

where a window is maximized by hitting the top edge

yay -Ss mutter | grep Installed
cachyos-extra-v3/magpie-wm 0.9.2-1.1 (2.4 MiB 13.4 MiB) (Installed)
extra/magpie-wm 0.9.2-1 (2.4 MiB 13.4 MiB) (Installed: 0.9.2-1.1)
extra/mutter 44.3-1 (2.6 MiB 14.1 MiB) (Installed: 44.3-1.1)
cachyos-extra-v3/mutter 44.3-1.1 (2.7 MiB 14.1 MiB) (Installed)

yay -Ss budgie-desktop | grep Installed
cachyos-extra-v3/budgie-desktop-view 1.2.1-2.1 (45.6 KiB 123.9 KiB) [budgie] (Installed)
extra/budgie-desktop-view 1.2.1-2 (46.8 KiB 127.9 KiB) [budgie] (Installed: 1.2.1-2.1)
extra/budgie-desktop 10.7.2-6 (2.4 MiB 6.2 MiB) [budgie] (Installed: 10.7.2-6.1)
cachyos-extra-v3/budgie-desktop 10.7.2-6.1 (2.4 MiB 6.2 MiB) [budgie] (Installed)
yay -Ss budgie-extras | grep Installed
extra/budgie-extras 1.6.0-1 (1.9 MiB 7.9 MiB) (Installed: 1.6.0-1.1)
cachyos-extra-v3/budgie-extras 1.6.0-1.1 (2.0 MiB 8.0 MiB) (Installed)

yay -Ss budgie-control-center | grep Installed
extra/budgie-control-center 1.3.0-1 (4.7 MiB 17.1 MiB) [budgie] (Installed: 1.3.0-1.1)
cachyos-extra-v3/budgie-control-center 1.3.0-1.1 (4.8 MiB 17.4 MiB) [budgie] (Installed)

yay -Qi budgie-extras
Installed From : cachyos-extra-v3
Name : budgie-extras
Version : 1.6.0-1.1
Description : Additional Budgie Desktop components from the Ubuntu Budgie team
Architecture : x86_64
URL : https://github.com/UbuntuBudgie/budgie-extras
Licenses : GPL3
Groups : None
Provides : None
Depends On : budgie-desktop wmctrl xdotool xprintidle python python-gobject python-cairo libgee zenity vorbis-tools
python-psutil sound-theme-freedesktop imagemagick python-pillow python-svgwrite python-cairosvg python-pyudev
python-requests libpeas json-glib libkeybinder3 python-pyperclip python-xlib xorg-xinput granite appstream
libnma libhandy0 xorg-xprop libsoup
Optional Deps : None
Required By : None
Optional For : None
Conflicts With : None
Replaces : None
Installed Size : 7.96 MiB
Packager : CachyOS admin@cachyos.org
Build Date : Sun 06 Aug 2023 12:47:14 AM CEST
Install Date : Wed 09 Aug 2023 10:49:31 AM CEST
Install Reason : Explicitly installed
Install Script : No
Validated By : Signature

I actually have backups, and even the snapshots you mentioned. But realizing there is a problem a few days after the upgrade happened, I would have to commit to go back on anything that my system went through since then. And as I can work around the problem, and I would assume that this problem is not unique to my system alone, and that there’s a solution out there, going back to a snapshot without having the option to upgrade from then on doesn’t sound like a good option.

for the record, Serebit (budgie maintainer):

Also, I’ve seen your drag and drop budgie problem a handful times so I’m not entirely convinced its mutter (https://discuss.getsol.us/d/5068-drag-to-second-screen-not-working-when-secondary-display-is-on-top); may be worth investigating a little at that site. 2 cents.

I have somehow fixed the issue. In the multitasking configuration there was a new second option for how the corners should work. The new configuration option dialog popped up when I went to the multitasking configuration, and after selecting the new version I saw that the active corners toggle was off. Maybe by introducing a new option active corners was toggled off automatically?

I do not find the dialog again that popped up, so I cannot even show what I saw, but there were two options of how the corners should work. The left option showed a monitor with all edges (left, right, top and the 4 corners) circled, the right option only had top, left and right circled.

Sorry for my misleading interpretation of the ‘issue’. Meanwhile I recognized that
contains most of the configuration and although it is dangerous it can be copied between
similar systems and so it transfers the setup.
System Settings /Multitasking / General / Active Screen Edges ON and for the first time you can select Built-in (3 Left, Top, Right) – just to summarize for me. BTW double click on the window title bar also maximizes the window.

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