⚠ Heads-up: mutter43 is being replaced by magpie-wm

When upgrading from budgie-desktop 10.7.2-5 to 10.7.2-6, the package mutter43
must be replaced with magpie-wm, which currently depends on mutter. As
mutter43 conflicts with mutter, manual intervention is required to complete
the upgrade.

First remove mutter43, then immediately perform the upgrade. Do not relog or
reboot between these steps.

    pacman -Rdd mutter43
    pacman -Syu



Just rechecked to see if installer is still fine and indeed no issue if someone does a new Install with Budgie:


If I might add a question: This thread has been referenced as a possible cause for an issue of mine with budgie that popped up very recently.

I just checked my installation history with the mentioned components:

[dromundkaas@Pure Videos]$ grep -i "budgie\|magpie\|mutter" /var/log/pacman.log
[2023-06-09T16:03:32+0200] [PACMAN] Running 'pacman -S --noconfirm --noprogressbar --needed --disable-download-timeout libwnck3 mesa-utils xf86-input-libinput xorg-xdpyinfo xorg-server xorg-xinit xorg-xinput xorg-xkill xorg-xrandr xf86-video-amdgpu xf86-video-ati b43-fwcutter broadcom-wl-dkms dhclient dnsmasq dnsutils ethtool iwd modemmanager networkmanager networkmanager-openconnect networkmanager-openvpn nss-mdns openssh usb_modeswitch wpa_supplicant xl2tpd firewalld python-pyqt5 python-capng downgrade pacman-contrib pkgfile rebuild-detector reflector yay accountsservice bash-completion bluez bluez-utils ffmpegthumbnailer gst-libav gst-plugin-pipewire gst-plugins-bad gst-plugins-ugly libdvdcss libgsf libopenraw mlocate poppler-glib xdg-user-dirs xdg-utils efitools haveged nfs-utils nilfs-utils ntp smartmontools unrar unzip xz adobe-source-han-sans-cn-fonts adobe-source-han-sans-jp-fonts adobe-source-han-sans-kr-fonts cantarell-fonts freetype2 noto-fonts ttf-bitstream-vera ttf-dejavu ttf-liberation ttf-opensans alsa-firmware alsa-plugins alsa-utils pavucontrol pipewire-pulse wireplumber pipewire-alsa pipewire-jack rtkit dmidecode dmraid hdparm hwdetect lsscsi mtools sg3_utils sof-firmware power-profiles-daemon upower endeavouros-theming eos-apps-info eos-log-tool eos-packagelist eos-quickstart eos-rankmirrors eos-update-notifier reflector-simple welcome duf findutils fsarchiver git glances hwinfo inxi meld nano-syntax-highlighting neofetch pv python-defusedxml python-packaging rsync tldr sed vi wget budgie-control-center budgie-desktop budgie-desktop-view budgie-extras budgie-screensaver eog evince file-roller gedit gnome-keyring gnome-screenshot gnome-terminal gvfs gvfs-afc gvfs-gphoto2 gvfs-mtp gvfs-nfs gvfs-smb lightdm lightdm-slick-greeter nemo nemo-fileroller nemo-preview network-manager-applet sushi totem xdg-user-dirs-gtk arc-gtk-theme-eos eos-settings-budgie eos-lightdm-slick-theme eos-qogir-icons'
[2023-06-09T16:05:40+0200] [ALPM] installed budgie-control-center (1.2.0-1)
[2023-06-09T16:05:40+0200] [ALPM] installed budgie-screensaver (5.1.0-2)
[2023-06-09T16:05:40+0200] [ALPM] installed mutter43 (43.5-1)
[2023-06-09T16:05:40+0200] [ALPM] installed budgie-desktop (10.7.2-5)
[2023-06-09T16:05:40+0200] [ALPM] installed budgie-desktop-view (1.2.1-2)
[2023-06-09T16:05:40+0200] [ALPM] installed budgie-extras (1.5.0-1)
[2023-06-09T16:05:41+0200] [ALPM] installed eos-settings-budgie (1.5-1)
[2023-08-02T09:31:27+0200] [ALPM] upgraded budgie-control-center (1.2.0-1 -> 1.3.0-1)
[2023-08-05T07:18:07+0200] [ALPM] removed mutter43 (43.5-1)
[2023-08-05T07:18:09+0200] [ALPM] installed mutter (44.3-1)
[2023-08-05T07:18:09+0200] [ALPM] installed magpie-wm (0.9.2-1)
[2023-08-05T07:18:09+0200] [ALPM] upgraded budgie-desktop (10.7.2-5 -> 10.7.2-6)
[2023-08-09T07:04:29+0200] [ALPM] upgraded budgie-extras (1.5.0-1 -> 1.6.0-1)

So mutter43 was installed, then later removed and replaced by mutter, while magpie-wm was installed as well. Now, that happened on the same day you documented the issue here, and as I usually update in the mornings (when the popup informs me of the number of updates), I didn’t have a chance to catch the problem.

Now, I have the linked strange issue. Could this be caused by a now broken or otherwise unintended installation configuration?


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It could be related but your question is at the post you linked too… i do not really understand why you put the question here? Also the output is a direct respons to what @pebcak asked for there …

I’m a fan of Budgie, but still I feel a bit frustrated adding keyboard layout to budgie-panel and
restarting ibus with a delay in a fresh installation and it crashes (spoils dconf for good).
I cannot offer Budgie to a family member with such a vulnerability.
(Why changing keyboard layouts? I recall a piece of advice of a Digital guy from the past:
Localization? Why don’t they agree in Europe on a common language? :joy:)
This is not a question. Avoid this feature: “Oops something went wrong”
Restore your dconf/user file if you want to log in.