Budgie Control Center

Why is the budgie-control-center not included on a clean installation? This is part of the Budgie DE on all other Budgie distros I’ve used. On my latest EOS installation the broken gnome libadwaita control was installed by default.

Unfortunately, Arch hasn’t added it to their repos yet so it wasn’t in the last release.

It was recently added to the EndeavourOS repos and we are looking into including it by default in future releases. In the meantime, you can replace gnome-control-center with budgie-control-center


OK, I had no problem installing it , just curious why an important part of the desktop was missing.

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We don’t ship AUR packages (other than yay)

These are available. . . So, until as Joe noted it was added to EOS. . . It wasn’t possible.

I do think it will end up in the repos. . . It’s just not there yet.


It’s here!

And it is also in the ARM EnOS repositories,



The Arch repos. . . Lol

But, I see what you did there. . . Nothing gets by you.

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Does the package still have to be installed manually ? Installation date:

 sudo ls -alct /|tail -1|awk '{print $6, $7, $8}'
[sudo] password for david: 
May 10 08:40

If by “the package”, you mean budgie-control-center, then yes. That won’t change until we release the next ISO.

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