Please change to Budgie-control-center and not use Gnome-control-center on Budgie anymore

Budgie now develops a fork of the gnome-control-center that replaces it for budgie!

It is recommended to not use gnome-control-center on budgie anymore, it is known to crash on some tabs like you can see reported all over:
“crashed when I viewed “multitasking” panel.”

Remove the gnome one and install the new one made for Budgie:
To get all unneeded dependencies from gnome-control-center removed:

sudo pacman -Rc gnome-control-center

(thanks@dalto to edit the command to -Rc from -Rsc)

As always keep an eye on what it will remove to not uninstall stuff you need :wink:

update the system:

sudo pacman -Syu

and install the new control center (we added it to the EndeavourOS repo because it is not moved to repos from AUR for now {at arch})

sudo pacman -S budgie-control-center