Bssid =0:00:00:00

i see my ip . i dont understand why never liked ARCH wiki. :neutral_face:

Your channel is on AUTO mode which is good…

yes, on auto , will choose the best of, i deleted the wifi connection. and nothing new, the password is good, ‘connection failed’ after some seconds

So it seems to connect for few second then it disconnect ? or it doesn’t connect at all with the password ?

You use the WPA, WPA2 or WPA3 ?

no, trying to connect some seconds and then…die, last time when was connected succefuly was on 25-26 december :see_no_evil:

WPA & WPA2 Personal see on wifi connection

And did you try to check the package wpa_supplicant ?

yes, wpa, dialog, dhcpcd, network manager…all instaled.

Weird ! Are you sure your provider didn’t update to WPA3 ?

You saw this about WPA2 on Archlinux even if you don’t like :wink: :

WPA2 Personal, a.k.a. WPA2-PSK, is a mode of Wi-Fi Protected Access

If you only authenticated to the network, then to have a fully functional connection you will still need to assign the IP address(es) and routes either manually or using a DHCP client.

i dont know, i will call tomorrow, or i will reinstall the Eos. i will continue tomorrow, 02 am here. thanks for your patience :see_no_evil: :wink:

on all phones wifi works fine, just on laptop dont work.

You are welcome, I will ask to @ricklinux maybe he uses wifi, I don’t have here so I couldn’t test it.
But the date you are speaking about when it changed is about the network manager update…if you had it before it has to work.

Did you try in case ?

iwconfig wlan0 channel auto

You have tried with



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yes, just deleted , instead of lts

Thanks @judd, I leave you the hand :ok_hand: I return on the Calamar…

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wlan0 IEEE 802.11 ESSID:off/any
Mode:Managed Access Point: Not-Associated
Retry short limit:7 RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off
Power Management:off

lo no wireless extensions.

enp7s0 no wireless extensions.

Something is wrong here…I need to go, Thanks @judd and @ricklinux

is on 2347…

Can you do a restart and try again with broadcom-wl-dkms ???

ok, …

You should be installing the broadcom-wl-dkms and i’m pretty sure that is standard now on Endeavour. Looks like the wl version is installed.

sudo pacman -S broadcom-wl-dkms