Bspwm edition

that will be a time pressured. Mqybe the relese fre thar. But if we stqart now w2e’ lll see how it goes. Settin up bspwm I’ll do in 15 minutes. but the there xoloring - and when is the renext release out

maybe different display manager more minimal like ly?


DM? I never used a DM on bspwm in 5 yers usuallly whan ppl have problems with BSPWM is’s dm that’a th issue

For new people some kind of dm is probably better than none. Not everyone knows how to use startx

ok - then we have good time. we weill get it one in good tim e before that

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but you type uwename
not wer comlicqatedd
but if were goona use a DM and recommedqtion??

ly is actually a good idea

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I find ncmpcpp hard work, I use Cantata.

Tmux - I can see your point, it is like having a tiling manager inside a tiling manager, but I find the features useful.

I completely agree - leave it to the user for most stuff.

for editor neovim + gnvim if someone want graphical interface?
for fm i use typicaly ranger but i also use mc if i have to copy/move or something like that.
terminal i think alacritty willbe good idea
for bar poybar or maybe yabar?
mail? neomutt?
browser firefox or maybe qutebrowser?

for session manager we can use something like abduco

edited it my previosus comment - hope its more readale now

Abduco? (scuttles of to read the web) never heard of it :smiley:

really cool piece of software

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I have been to that site, the link’s colour in the browser says that, the fact that I don’t remember it is quite worrying :rofl:


I have a script that set up mpd and ncmpcpp for you . All you have to answer is /path/to music. Script does the rest. I’'i know mqny hqve problems setting it up thaths why I thought it could be nice to include it for them. Cantantt is also aa good plqayes ans cna bu uwsed with mpd qws well. 'I lso tgohugh tof mv for video- I use mpv to watch yt videos

what does tgis do exaxlty

neovimis out of hte quetion . - they wqant nano. f0r me nano is hte first to go and nevivim is th efirst in

what? could you edit?

Agree nano is just user friendly they can change it themselves later. Same goes for bash as opposed to zsh.