Bspwm edition

it’s is fun tho

My suggestions for programs:

  • Alacritty or St (with tmux?)
  • Micro and Featherpad or Cudatext
  • Firefox
  • Feh (wallpaper) and imv as well.
  • Ranger & pcmanfm file managers

The rest can be installed by the user from the terminal.

Here are my dots:

The only things I do really differently is I redefine my spacebar so that when it is held down it is a hyper key, this gives a new set of modifiers.

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Thisi a community project but if st is in I’m out


Why? Anyway they are only suggestions :rofl:


I canwrite list later buty with womthin ele now

No worries, it is your baby, just posting ideas.

It terms of my work load, my flu clinics have started and fingers crossed will run smoothly, so may be around later this week.

Due to the lack of international travel, I have my fingers crossed for a quiet year, because co-infection with covid is unthinkable :frowning:

no doubt - st is the fastesst terminal but you need some patches for funtionqlllity other Tterminals have then it’s quickly gets fat anyway
and evwn somthing to change forntto chenge font you need to re complile. that’s a no go for me

another thing - it’s not my baby - it ours - we all have aqual say i n this project. granted ‘’’’’’’‘i’ hve mort likely used bspwm longest here but that doesn’t mean aomeone who’s used it for a week has any less say. we try to see if we can find a common ground that eveyone agrees on and take it from there

firefox ranger and feh 'ican stand behind. but tmux 'i tink tmux users should instllla thmeselves. 'i wanr a minimal installl.

bascally a browsers - edirtor -filmanager. ther rest the users can install as no two install will be the same

I will instllall tmux on my insalll

I was also thinking of installing mpd + ncmpcppp as many users find it complicqated, Maybe mpv toothen whey will have musi video file manager - broweser and an editor. from that they syould be avle to install their prfeereered software.

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Another thing - I think we should use polybar - if unexpecieceed users wat to try this polybar is by far esiest tii configure. Same wit dunst as a norificarion. only susggestions - If antyne have orher suggestion don’t be shy. post them we need to finf a common ground whwere we can start from

I love the top wallpaper you poester- it has EOS colosr and also wm- so bspwm would bw prfercr for this project. I m not the boss so wie have t o vote but In my persoanlly opinion this is prefetct forthis project

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Any one have any idea how we should go for m here? @joekamprad is poitive @Bryanpwois positive @manuel is positive

SO some brainstorrmin on where to go from here would be constructive

I can start byy settuing up a bspwm and then you can come with cririsism or inpuut
How does the sound?


That works :+1:

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ok then I use te nught for tat - I will just do the basics tgogugh - as te colors come later
A least we can saty wa 've saterted - babysteb … but still

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I’m looking forward to trying it. I’ve never tried bspwn because i3 documentation is do good and I don’t know how to edit the config of bspwn.

Either way. I like tiles.

here’s the thing - in i3 if toy want to caaaaahbge someting toy need to edit the config file. I n bsp you dont have to do that sat toy want focued border coleo ro be white
you can jusy t typ bspc config focude_border_color "#ffffff*

ig you want that to stat atfter a rdoof you have ot write it in the onfig. but bsp c gives toy endkless possiilittiest to trt things.

Also bspwm is a shwl script so you can andd script the changes bspwm’s behavior. For exVMPLE i HVE A CRIP T CALLED BORDERLAESS IT GIVES BE COLOR ON THE FOCUSED WINDOW VUT NONE OTHE. if you yse zsh you can jsut type bzpc and tab and it will show you all the options you have. No worries tho. I will hel ypuo get a bspwm set yoy you will be happy with

Prefect. I think. To be honest, that is incredibly difficult to read. But I’ll give it a go.

i jjust spoke with joekmard if the bspwm edition goes in the iso or do we have to makee our own. I of do hope we get it in in EOS iso or else we will be face 2 moreproblems to solve

diddicukt to read’? mine comment? i’ll edit it

I am pretty sure he did if we build an EndeavourOS bspwm he will make it into the next release so he probably just needs the config files for bspwm Rofi polybar etc
And you should really switch keyboards my friend :grinning: