BSPWM Community Edition fails to install with pacman error

Installer log:

From the logs pacman fails to find the EndeavourOS grub theme, judging by this forum post, looks like the theme is no longer in repositories and the installation script has not been updated to reflect this.

Not sure if there is a workaround on my end or if I just have to wait for the script to be updated, any advice would be appreciated.

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It is because you are using an older ISO.

You need to use the latest one.

Also, welcome to the forum!

Interesting, I downloaded the live ISO from the github mirror yesterday, but I’ll go ahead and re-make my live USB and see if it works.

Which ISO version are you using?

I’m not really sure how to to check given my current situation. I originally made the USB on my windows partition to chroot and fix a grub issue, but only made it worse and am now unable to boot into windows on this machine. Is there a way to check from inside the liveUSB?

What is in the file /usr/lib/endeavouros-release on the ISO?

Looks like you were right, I guess I misremembered my day!

Thank you for your help, I will go forward with installation using the most up to date ISO.

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