Broken install after update

Hello there,

Just did an overall update today, did not update the system in a few days because I had problems with my internet connection.

I did a reboot, and was unable to login even in a tty.
I can access the live environment using the usb drive, and have a timeshift snapshot. I just don’t know how to access it. Will I need to reinstall?

Is there any info I could provide?

Sorry, this is my first broken Linux install ever and I am kind of scared. Writing this on my phone.

Thank you all.

Don’t worry, somebody will come to help you soon :upside_down_face:

For starters:

  • What de ?
  • Which Kernel have you used (mainstream / lts / zen) ?
  • Is it Nvidia GPU / hybrid laptop system? If so, which GPU model it is, and was it proprietary drivers you’re using?

In case everything fails, check this out, in the bottom of this page there is an instructions of how to boot in chroot on non-bootable system and restore Timeshift snapshot

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Can you get to a TTY? If not, how far do you get during the boot process?

You should be able to install timeshift on the live ISO and restore the snapshot.


For starters: What de ?
Which Kernel have you used (mainstream / lts / zen) ?
Is it Nvidia GPU / hybrid laptop system? If so, which GPU model it is, and was it proprietary drivers you’re using?

i3wm Endeavouros version, using a custom dwm build.
I use the mainstream kernel.
I have an Nvidia MX250 dedicated GPU, plus Intel integrated graphics. I was using proprietary drivers.

Can you get to a TTY? If not, how far do you get during the boot process?

I believe the first and only thing I could see is the grub, allowing me to chose to boot on Endeavour. Then, nothing but an underscore ( _ ) flashing on a blackscreen. Nothing triggers a tty, so I can’t log in. Obviously, lightdm doesn’t show as well.

You should be able to install timeshift on the live ISO and restore the snapshot.

My live ISO is quite old ( > 5 months ) and I get lots of pacman mirror errors (after trying a pacman -Syyu).

[liveuser@eos-2021.04.17 ~]$ sudo pacman -Syyu
:: Synchronizing package databases...
 core                            623.1 KiB   402 KiB/s 00:02 [--------------------------------] 100%
 extra                           623.1 KiB  1113 KiB/s 00:01 [--------------------------------] 100%
 community                       623.1 KiB   936 KiB/s 00:01 [--------------------------------] 100%
 multilib                        623.1 KiB  1972 KiB/s 00:00 [--------------------------------] 100%
 endeavouros                                                      22.9 KiB  3.20 MiB/s 00:00 [------------------------------------------------------] 100%
:: Starting full system upgrade...
error: could not open file /var/lib/pacman/sync/core.db: Unrecognized archive format
error: could not open file /var/lib/pacman/sync/extra.db: Unrecognized archive format
error: could not open file /var/lib/pacman/sync/community.db: Unrecognized archive format
error: could not open file /var/lib/pacman/sync/multilib.db: Unrecognized archive format
error: failed to prepare transaction (invalid or corrupted database)

I get dependencies errors when trying to install timeshift, but this is related to the pacman errors.

Thank you.

Don’t run pacman -Syu on the live ISO(Unless you are chrooted into your install). That will download too many packages.

Your errors are related to an outdated mirrorlist. Sort the mirrorlist and then try pacman -Sy timeshift


Did you install optimus-manager by any chance? If so, you’ll have to rebuild that package since it’s from the AUR and there was a major python update released today. Packages in the main Arch repos will get rebuilt by the Arch devs, but any AUR package that relies on python may break and will need to be manually rebuilt by you. IF you have optimus-manager installed, this link may be helpful and if you don’t have optimus-manager installed, you can kindly ignore this:


I was able to restore my snapshot, and have got back a working system.

Here are the packages that need an update:

Packages (307) alacritty-0.9.0-3  alsa-card-profiles-1:0.3.41-1
               alsa-lib-  alsa-plugins-1:1.2.6-1
               alsa-ucm-conf-  alsa-utils-1.2.6-1  apparmor-3.0.3-2
               arandr-0.1.10-7  asciidoc-9.1.1-4  audit-3.0.6-5
               autoconf-archive-1:2021.02.19-4  avahi-0.8+22+gfd482a7-3
               bind-9.16.23-3  blueman-2.2.3-2  boost-libs-1.76.0-6
               brotli-1.0.9-7  btrfs-progs-5.15.1-3  cantarell-fonts-1:0.303.1-1
               clang-13.0.0-4  cpupower-5.15-2  dbus-python-1.2.18-3
               enchant-2.3.2-1  eos-bash-shared-1.10.23-1  eos-hooks-1.4.17-1
               filesystem-2021.12.07-1  fontforge-20201107-3  gcc-11.1.0-3
               gcc-libs-11.1.0-3  ghostscript-9.55.0-3  glances-3.2.4-2
               glib2-2.70.2-1  glib2-docs-2.70.2-1
               gnome-themes-extra-3.28+r6+g45b1d457-1  go-2:1.17.5-1
               gobject-introspection-runtime-1.70.0-4  gpgme-1.16.0-3
               graphviz-2.50.0-2  gst-plugin-pipewire-1:0.3.41-1
               harfbuzz-3.2.0-1  harfbuzz-icu-3.2.0-1
               haskell-casa-client-0.0.1-347  haskell-casa-types-0.0.2-159
               haskell-conduit-extra-1.3.5-179  haskell-connection-0.3.1-153
               haskell-cryptonite-conduit-0.2.2-430  haskell-dbus-1.2.21-79
               haskell-githash-  haskell-hackage-security-
               haskell-hpack-0.34.4-89  haskell-http-4000.3.16-90
               haskell-http-client-0.7.9-14  haskell-http-client-tls-
               haskell-http-conduit-2.3.8-99  haskell-http-download-
               haskell-iproute-1.7.11-42  haskell-libmpd-
               haskell-monad-logger-0.3.36-133  haskell-mustache-2.3.1-390
               haskell-network-  haskell-optparse-simple-
               haskell-pantry-  haskell-persistent-
               haskell-rio-orphans-  haskell-socks-0.6.1-141
               haskell-tar-conduit-0.3.2-243  haskell-tls-1.5.5-57
               haskell-xml-conduit-  imath-3.1.3-3  imlib2-1.7.5-1
               java11-openjfx-11.0.14.u2-1  kitty-0.23.1-2
               kitty-terminfo-0.23.1-2  ldb-2:2.4.1-4  lensfun-0.3.95-6
               lib32-alsa-lib-  lib32-alsa-plugins-1.2.6-1
               lib32-amdvlk-2021.Q4.2-1  lib32-gcc-libs-11.1.0-3
               lib32-mesa-21.3.1-1  lib32-vulkan-icd-loader-1.2.202-1
               lib32-wayland-1.20.0-1  libblockdev-2.26-3  libbytesize-2.6-3
               libcap-ng-0.8.2-6  libftdi-1.5-4  libgexiv2-0.14.0-3
               libibus-1.5.25-5  libical-3.0.12-1  libimobiledevice-1.3.0-5
               libinput-1.19.3-1  libixion-0.16.1-8  libmwaw-0.3.21-1
               libnewt-0.52.21-8  liborcus-0.16.1-9  libpeas-1.30.0-3
               libphonenumber-8.12.39-1  libplist-2.2.0-5  libproxy-0.4.17-6
               libreoffice-fresh-7.2.4-2  libseccomp-2.5.3-3  libteam-1.31-5
               libx11-  libxml2-2.9.12-5
               lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings-1.2.2-7  lilv-0.24.12-4
               linux-5.15.7.arch1-1  linux-headers-5.15.7.arch1-1
               lirc-1:0.10.1-10  llvm-13.0.0-6  llvm-libs-13.0.0-6
               lttng-ust-2.13.0-5  mallard-ducktype-1.0.2-8  meld-3.20.4-2
               mesa-21.3.1-1  meson-0.60.2-3  mpg123-1.29.3-1  node-gyp-8.3.0-1
               nodejs-17.2.0-1  notmuch-runtime-0.34.1-3  npm-8.1.4-1
               nvidia-dkms-495.46-1  nvidia-installer-db-2.5.2-2
               nvidia-utils-495.46-1  obs-studio-27.1.3-2  offlineimap-8.0.0-2
               pacman-mirrorlist-20211212-1  pahole-1.23-1  pambase-20211210-1
               pango-1:1.50.1-1  perl-5.34.0-3  pipewire-1:0.3.41-1
               postgresql-13.4-6  postgresql-libs-13.4-6  protobuf-3.17.3-3
               pybind11-2.8.1-3  python-3.10.1-1  python-alembic-1.7.4-3
               python-anytree-2.8.0-5  python-appdirs-1.4.4-6
               python-argcomplete-1.12.3-1  python-argh-0.26.2-10
               python-babel-2.9.1-3  python-bcrypt-3.2.0-5
               python-beaker-1.11.0-8  python-beautifulsoup4-4.9.3-6
               python-blinker-1.4-11  python-bottle-0.12.19-5
               python-brotli-1.0.9-7  python-cachecontrol-1:0.12.6-4
               python-cairo-1.20.1-3  python-cairocffi-1.3.0-1
               python-cffi-1.15.0-3  python-chardet-4.0.0-5
               python-click-8.0.3-3  python-colorama-0.4.4-6
               python-contextlib2-0.6.0.post1-5  python-cryptography-36.0.0-1
               python-dateutil-2.8.2-4  python-decorator-5.1.0-3
               python-defusedxml-0.7.1-4  python-deprecation-2.1.0-6
               python-distlib-0.3.3-4  python-distro-1.6.0-4
               python-dnspython-1:2.1.0-3  python-docutils-1:0.16-2
               python-editor-1.0.4-8  python-email-validator-1.1.3-3
               python-extras-1.0.0-10  python-fasteners-0.16.3-3
               python-fixtures-3.0.0-12  python-flask-2.0.2-3
               python-flask-babelex-0.9.4-5  python-flask-compress-1.8.0-3
               python-flask-cors-3.0.10-3  python-flask-gravatar-0.5.0-7
               python-flask-login-0.5.0-5  python-flask-mail-0.9.1-8
               python-flask-migrate-3.0.0-3  python-flask-paranoid-0.2-8
               python-flask-principal-0.4.0-8  python-flask-security-too-4.0.1-4
               python-flask-sqlalchemy-2.5.1-3  python-flask-wtf-1.0.0-1
               python-fonttools-4.28.3-2  python-future-0.18.2-7
               python-gobject-3.42.0-3  python-greenlet-1.1.2-3
               python-gssapi-1.6.14-3  python-html5lib-1.1-11  python-idna-3.3-3
               python-imagesize-1.3.0-3  python-imaplib2-3.6-4
               python-importlib-metadata-4.8.1-3  python-itsdangerous-2.0.1-3
               python-jinja-3.0.3-3  python-ldap3-2.9.1-3  python-lxml-4.6.4-3
               python-mako-1.1.6-3  python-markdown-3.3.6-3
               python-markupsafe-2.0.1-3  python-more-itertools-8.10.0-4
               python-msgpack-1.0.2-4  python-ordered-set-4.0.2-6
               python-packaging-20.9-6  python-paramiko-2.7.2-5
               python-passlib-1.7.4-5  python-pathtools-0.1.2-11
               python-pbr-5.8.0-1  python-pep517-0.12.0-4  python-pip-20.3.4-4
               python-ply-3.11-10  python-progress-1.6-5  python-psutil-5.8.0-3
               python-psycopg2-2.9.2-3  python-pyasn1-0.4.8-7
               python-pycparser-2.21-3  python-pygments-2.10.0-4
               python-pyjwt-2.2.0-3  python-pymongo-3.12.1-3
               python-pynacl-1.4.0-5  python-pyopenssl-21.0.0-5
               python-pyparsing-2.4.7-6  python-pyqt5-5.15.6-4
               python-pyqt5-sip-12.9.0-3  python-pyqt5-webengine-5.15.5-3
               python-pytz-2021.3-4  python-pyudev-0.22-7
               python-regex-2021.11.10-3  python-requests-2.26.0-5
               python-resolvelib-0.5.5-4  python-retrying-1.3.3-13
               python-rfc6555-0.1.0-1  python-selectors2-2.0.2-5
               python-setuptools-1:57.4.0-6  python-simplejson-3.17.6-3
               python-six-1.16.0-4  python-snowballstemmer-2.2.0-3
               python-soupsieve-2.2.1-4  python-speaklater-1.3-11
               python-sphinx-4.3.1-5  python-sphinx-alabaster-theme-0.7.12-8
               python-sqlalchemy-1.4.25-3  python-sqlparse-0.4.2-3
               python-sshtunnel-0.4.0-3  python-termcolor-1.1.0-12
               python-testtools-2.5.0-3  python-toml-0.10.2-5
               python-tomli-1.2.2-4  python-tqdm-4.62.3-3
               python-unidecode-1.3.2-3  python-urllib3-1.26.7-5
               python-urwid-2.1.2-3  python-watchdog-0.10.7-3
               python-webencodings-0.5.1-9  python-werkzeug-2.0.2-3
               python-wtforms-2.3.3-3  python-xcffib-0.11.1-3
               python-xlib-0.31-3  python-yaml-  python-zipp-3.6.0-3
               python2-appdirs-1.4.4-6  python2-packaging-20.9-6
               python2-pyparsing-2.4.7-6  python2-six-1.16.0-4
               qt5-base-5.15.2+kde+r263-1  qtile-0.18.1-4  qutebrowser-2.4.0-2
               r8168-8.049.02-41  ranger-1.9.3-4  reflector-2021.7.8-2
               s-tui-1.1.3-2  sbcl-2.1.11-1  scons-4.3.0-3  screenkey-1.4-3
               shellcheck-0.7.2-114  smbclient-4.15.3-2  stack-2.7.3-73
               talloc-2.3.3-3  tbb-2021.4.0-3  tdb-1.4.5-3  tevent-1:0.11.0-3
               tldr-2.0.0-2  util-linux-2.37.2-4  util-linux-libs-2.37.2-4
               vim-8.2.3582-3  vim-runtime-8.2.3582-3  virtualbox-6.1.30-3
               virtualbox-host-dkms-6.1.30-3  volume_key-0.3.12-7
               vulkan-icd-loader-1.2.202-1  wayland-1.20.0-1  welcome-3.17.7-1
               xapp-2.2.4-3  xcb-proto-1.14.1-5  xmobar-0.39-33  zbar-0.23.1-9

Total Download Size:    279.28 MiB
Total Installed Size:  4516.64 MiB
Net Upgrade Size:        24.15 MiB

Let me know if you need anything else. Once again, thanks.

It appears I got it installed. I will look into that. Thank you.

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What gpu do you have? Is it a kepler gpu by any chance?

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I said it in a previous post.

I have an Nvidia MX250 dedicated GPU, plus Intel integrated graphics. I was using proprietary drivers.

Looks like it’s Pascal

Do you think I can proceed to updating the system after rebuilding python packages through the AUR? Do I need to reboot before that?

I will say it another time, thank you.
I must say, I was really scared at first. And I am not even that much of a noob.

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I think that’s how it should be done:

Right @dalto ?

Fear not! :partying_face:
Comes with a territory…on Arch there are almost no dead ends, even when you do that :rofl:


I thought the process was to upgrade the system, then rebuild the packages from the AUR, then reboot. Rebuilding the AUR packages before you update the system will only rebuild those packages against the now outdated packages currently on your system.


Hello eznix, yes I eventually figured it out. I wasn’t reacting normally and was too afraid to reinstall.

I got everything to work in the end. I should have paid more attention to this pythons updates.

Thanks to everyone who helped here, really.

Wish you a great day. <3


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