Brave stops blocking ads and trackers after installing Chrome, blocks them again after removing Chrome

I have found a weird thing in brave and I want to know if anyone experienced this. So I installed brave and was using it and it was working fine, blocking ads and trackers but then I installed chrome. Suddenly brave stopped blocking ads and trackers. Then I removed chrome and brave then again downloaded brave and this time it is working fine again, blocking ads as usual. So what caused brave to not detect ads and trackers?


Could your title reflect the actual question any worse?

To answer your question in a non-technical, non-diplomatic way: because it’s absolute shite, and was never designed to block trackers. Search this very forum for why not to use Brave.

Please read and consider this before posting next time. We need to try our best to be kind, supportive, and encouraging to any user, regardless of their software preference.


Not sure - but one suspects that some underlying config files were changed. Did you go through Brave settings to ‘reset’ them to your preferences? Whoever writes the defaults last I suspect would have the ‘final’ say…

Sorry about that. I will keep that in mind next time. I just thought to ask casually.

I don’t sugarcoat. I changed the title for him, and I gave an honest answer. That that’s not the most likeable answer, tough…

Both are chrome based ibsuspect brave wil use the chrome engine i suspecr

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There’s a difference between not sugar coating and being an A**hole, as the guy who gave the first financial injection to this project (because that is the Dutch approach you understand , right?) I say goodbye to you…


Saying you don’t sugarcoat things isn’t a free excuse to say anything you like. This is a community of like minded individuals seeking help and guidance and it is our responsibility to think of others first before ourselves. If you are unable or unwilling to do that basic gesture towards others, perhaps you should reflect on why that is. Saying you don’t sugarcoat things is a huge red flag for lacking the ability to accept any kind of ones own accountability. It’s not an excuse, it’s a defect of character. And I will call you out on it every time I see it. Treat the users here with some common courtesy and decency, even if you disagree with them, this is an open and friendly community and I for one intend to keep it that way.


That was quick :rofl:

Love the friendly forum. Makes the difference! :smiley:

We have all been there and we should be open to newcomers regardless of age or experience in I.T.

One thing - Just because a person knows nothing about Linux he/she may just know about other industries better like Finance, Sales, Digital Media etc. We all have our strengths. So being expert in Linux is not society elite. People can be experts in other fields which may be even more complex.

The way we speak to people face to face should be the same way online regardless of anonymity. Those that do not lack people skills in real life to achieve meaningful relationships personal and business.

p.s I do believe in giving 2nd chances though :+1:


Poor @tushar seems to have been discouraged :frowning:

We need some more info to help solve this mystery. What extensions are you using in Brave and Chrome? What are some example websites where the ads and trackers show when using Brave while Chrome is installed? Also, are you still using KDE?

No, I am totally fine. I didn’t installed any extension on brave or chrome. The reason why I am using brave is because it’s blocking ads and trackers by default and also blocks fingerprinting without any extensions. And after I installed chrome I see ads on every sites I visit. If anyone here using brave you can try it. Yes I am still using KDE.

Running Xfce and Firefox here, but to help others see if they can replicate, could you confirm which brave package you are running from the AUR (v1.29.79-1 ?) and which google-chrome package from the AUR (v93.0.4577.82-1 ?).

Also, could you give some example websites where the ads and trackers show when using Brave while Chrome is installed, but do not show when Chrome is uninstalled, so others with Brave can test themselves?

Well, I was not using package from aur. I installed that from chaotic-aur. package name brave 1.27.111-1 and google-chrome 93.0.4577.82-1.
Try with any websites. Some of I was using-

I tried in a VM running bspwm but couldn’t replicate the issue. Brave blocks ads irrespective of whether Google Chrome is installed or not.

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