EndeavourOS is for any personal use case

As you all know, the philosophy of EndeavourOS is to let the user tinker with their system to fit their personal use case.

Lately, I’ve noticed that a certain kind of behaviour is crawling up on our support channels, the behaviour of non-FOSS apps user shaming.
Even though the philosophy of using 100% FOSS is a noble cause, keep in mind that each user has the freedom to model the system to their needs over here.
So it really can’t be the purpose of our support channels that users who have installed closed-source apps and are mentioning or ask for support for those apps are being ridiculed or lectured for using it.

This is certainly NOT the vision we have for EndeavourOS. Just respect each other’s choices because EVERYONE should feel welcome on our channels and most importantly, feel comfortable asking for support, no matter if it is an issue in Firefox or Google Chrome.

Just keep the friendly vibe alive…