Brave removes Google as its default search engine


I see the Brave marketing machine is still in full force.

It is somewhat amusing how the are spinning “Brave is now pushing their own search engine in a further effort to monetize their platform” to “Brave is removing google to protect our users”


Not sure what you’re saying here. Why not both? Brave is a company and needs to make money. And although I can’t proof it, I trust their search engine to be much less intrusive than Google. DDG also has ads BTW.

I am not going to rehash it all again but Brave is company that has abused it’s user’s trust time and time again. In my opinion, they have demonstrated pretty clearly that they care not at all for their users or their privacy. I can’t imagine why anyone would trust them at all at this point.

If you want more details their are many forum posts on it.


While browsers removing Goolag as the default search engine is always good news, coming from Brave, it’s not particularly meaningful.

Now, it’s your turn, Mozilla. :rofl:


Woah woah buddy! :fox_face:
This can be classified as call for violence (suicide) :rofl:

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Haven’t they been doing this spinning of intentions from early days :laughing:


OK, I got it, you don’t like Brave and you don’t trust 'em.
May I ask, which Browser you use?

Whenever there is something objectively wrong with some software there is always someone trying to make it seem like it’s just some subjective opinion of some guy on the internet.

“I get it, you don’t like Windows.”
“I get it, you don’t like Apple.”
“I get it, you don’t like Snaps.”
“I get it, you don’t like Etcher.”
“I get it, you don’t like Brave.”

The list is as endless as the list of things that are bad. :roll_eyes:

Hm, OK, just wanted to discuss things 'cause I’m a very privacy focused user and I’m interrested in this topic. But somehow the mood in this thread feels a bit strange, so I’m outta here.

If you are very privacy focused, you shouldn’t be using Brave. Brave is advertised as privacy-focused, but on more than one occasion this was proven to be false.

Of course, you are free to use whatever you want, I am merely pointing out, with good will, the fact that if privacy is your goal, using Brave is not very conducive towards it. @dalto did that earlier, too, but your reply was “OK, I got it, you don’t like Brave”. :man_shrugging:t3:


There is nothing wrong with this thread. Everybody was polite. The only issue I see is that you got a reaction about the brave browser / company which you did not expect. And that is probably feeling a “bit strange” for you.


Primarily Firefox.

Brave may have good default setup out of the box but a properly configured Firefox or something like Librefox will give you more privacy features.

As a side note, we have an entire topic of people discussing Privacy-based browsers which you may find interesting:


Some people like

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I use Firefox and Sea Monkey

Tor with VPN if I want to feel like Snowden. Cause hackers use Tor


How much confidence do you guys have in the Electronic Frontiers Foundation browser privacy checker at:

Opinions–even biased/subjective ones–are welcome. I use the EFF checker only because I don’t have a better plan for evaluating browser privacy.


I would use Brave if it weren’t for the rewards stuff built in. Sure you can turn it off but again i don’t trust them anymore than google. I’ll stick with Firefox.

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Over the years, for me Brave has become a controversial browser that I have zero intention of ever using because of all it’s shenanigans (there’s too many to list here, I’ll link a few at the end and it’s been discussed here before). As other users have pointed out, they aren’t as pro-user friendly/privacy as their marketing leads them to be. If you need a decent privacy focused Chromium browser, Vivaldi is my go to browser, with Firefox being my backup. There’s also vanilla Chromium in the Arch repos or ungoogled-Chromium in the AUR to test out if they fit your use case. I choose Vivaldi because their track record is consistent and their dev team is exceptional and friendly. I’ve personally had a few issues fixed with the help of the dev team and their forums and within their bug tracker system. But since they aren’t 100% open-source, people in the Linux world don’t give them as much of a chance as I think they deserve.

But be that as it may, that last bit is just my own personal feelings, in the end use any browser(s) you like. If you’re not looking for a Chromium based browser specifically, then you honestly can’t go wrong with Firefox and a handful of extensions i.e. uBlock Origin is a must.

For further reading on specifically ‘Why Not To Use Brave’ please read any of the following, just be aware not all these issues are deal breakers for everyone: