Brave Crashes

Brave crushes with only 2-3 tabs on.
Do you have any similar issue and a way to fix it or should i go with another browser?

What hardware are you running it on? You can give us hardware logs using this post:

Have you checked the memory and CPU usage using top, htop, glances or something similar?
What brave package are you installing? There are several of them in the AUR. Have you tried the others to see if it is the same problem?


Ok i was using brave-bin from aur. I remove it and run the yay for brave-bin.

I run yay -S brave-bin to download and run the installation. I left the task at " Receiving objects " . From that time I:

  1. Went to gym for 1 hour.
  2. Prepared lunch and finish (30 minutes).
  3. Took a shower (10 minutes).
  4. Returned to my room and the " Receiving objects is still at 10% - 2.52GB.

WTF is downloading ? (my speed is not fast, i know)

Try building it manually yourself:

  1. git clone
  2. cd brave-bin
  3. makepkg -si

Please have a look at the following post by @Kresimir to know what those commands do at each step:

Edit- correction to command line

I think you should change your browser. I had experienced similar issue when I was using Chromium-based browsers, including Chromium.

Switching to FIrefox /LibreWolf /Falkon etc. will help you in this situation.

I have been using the brave-bin package for a LONG time now, and experienced no trouble - so it might be your hardware situation or some configuration glitch. After removing the current setup, I would first retry the brave-bin installation while monitoring it (should not actually take long, even on a slow connection) - and see it the problem resurfaces. Then you can decide if you want to troubleshoot or replace… :grin:


Of course. Once, I was only using Brave browser on my system.

Yes, at that time all Chromium based Browsers troubled me. I tried various editions of the browser(s). Personally I don’t like to leave any of the existing things which I use, I felt very bad for saying good bye to Lion.

What was on those 2 - 3 tabs? were you playing any videos? and what is your hardware speck? can you run this command inxi -Fxxc0z --no-host in your terminal and post it’s out put here please.