Booting to bios

I updated my system 3 days ago, and now when i boot, i go directly to bios. I had also cleaned my pc with cloth 3 days ago, but i have been doing that since years… i tried removing and inserting ram and wires, nothing is working.
I was using i3.
Thank you!


When was your last update before that? When did you install eos and which iso was used? Could be related to the grub issue that was looming around for a couple of weeks. Depends on where your system updates are at and whether you ran the grub-install. Else you will need to chroot.

It is still looming, and into the future. :airplane:

True but newest eos iso addressed the issue promptly to my understanding.

It only shows a short notice, that after installing/updating the GRUB package on your system, you need to run grub-install…

That’s been all, so far (not any more yet)!

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True! Here from the webpage

“When Grub is updated, you will need to run grub-install. There is a message that will inform you of this as part of the update process.”

Can predict that some people will forget about that…

That’s what I said. The message (and a future method to be invented yet, eventually) falls short of telling you how to do that, as for each system it may need to be done in a different way…

See here, and here.

Totally missed that part when reading over the release notes! Anyhow, OP knows now that it maybe grub related and is likely nothing to do with


Broke something, hardware wise.

More system infos are always good if possible.

Better for all Arch Linux users to familiarize themselves way more with the Arch-Wiki on GRUB and GRUB/Tips and tricks…

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Thanks everyone for reply. I have marked the solution.
Truly impressed how foss software/community has so much better response time and quality solution!
Edit: i did not see any warnings and i have this system installled for at least 6-7 months.

The warning will only be displayed, when you install from the latest ISO.
Glad you could solve your issue!

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