Booting goes to black screen after pacman updates


I am noticing that with some certain pacman updates, once I reboot I only can see a black screen and that’s it. The only solution to fixing this is running a “disk repair” using a Live USB of Ubuntu or Fedora. When it’s in this black screen state, I cannot get into the EOS Live ISO at all, it goes to a black screen same as the installed OS on the SSD. The black screen is frozen because it won’t allow me to reboot with CTRL+ALT+DEL.

At first, I thought my SSD was the issue, so I swapped it with another one from a different system just to see if this would fix it, but it’s still happening about once a week when I do a pacman update.

I don’t understand how this is possible? I mean, what component could possibly prevent a USB from live booting and also booting the actual OS into a black screen while only being fixable by using the “repair disk” option in disk utility application from certain distros like the ones I mentioned above? If it was just the OS that wouldn’t boot, then it would seem a little easier to narrow down, but when a LIVE ISO isn’t booting, that’s concerning.

I should also mention that once the disk repair fixes the OS and allows me to boot in, only then I am able to boot from the Live ISO of EndeavourOS. This is bizarre.

Is this likely a motherboard issue? A BIOS firmware issue? A GPU issue?

You give no information about the system itself.
Legacy boot or efi?

Have you checked the logs? if so which ones?

maybe the issue is related to this article