Boosting Stop-Motion Animation from 15 to 60 fps using AI

This is astonishing:

The software:


Voodoo magic ! :laughing:


I sincerely hope that the Patreon account mentioned is actually the developers of the software, not just someone compiling it. :confused:


That would be pretty sneaky. The github place I linked in the OP seems like the original source, so if they are not mentioning any Patreon account, I would be wary of making any donations.


I don’t think it’s the same people:

Also, they wouldn’t be using Mediafire for hosting their downloads - they’d use Github like any sensible developer.

They might well be building a new application using the available project’s source code, but to me it’s just a little bit stinky not to mention the original anywhere on the Patreon page.


This video shows in a better way what the algorithm does, and also shows its limits with examples where it fails. It’s absolutely fascinating, this has the potential to completely change animated films. The music in the video is quite annoying, but it’s a very nice demonstration:

When Skynet takes over, at least we’ll have nice animated movies.


Creepy. This came up on my recommended feed yesterday too :joy:

I can definitely see the usefulness of the algorithm but its implementation here didn’t do much for me. I guess it’s the nature of stop motion videos but even though the interpolated version looks better it still looks weird. That said, I’m guessing that’s due to the constraints of the footage and limited movement of the lego pieces.

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