Bluetooth stuttering

So i’ve recently bought a new bluetooth headphone (a edifier W800BT plus), and a problem started appearing with him, let me explain, so basically he works fine until i leave him on stand by (with no audi playing) for a little bit, 10/15 seconds, and when i start playing something the audio has some 2/3 seconds delay for it to actually start playing. This problem didn’t start to happen until i changed headphones (my old one were a edifier W800BT).

Some important logs:
My audio manager is pipewire

i am quiet sur ethis is not a BUG related to EndeavourOS itself… may an issue withnyour device and the driver/firmware it needs/uses .

General detailed info about Audio can be shown with inxi -Aaz this will also give some info on soundeserver and drivers.

Info onto Bluetooth:
inxi -Eaz

and to be sure go to remove the device from Bluetooth Manager and re-pair connect using cli tool bluetoothctl could help:
sudo bluetoothctl
scan on
pair UUID
connect UUID

UUID needs to be replaced with the device UUID it shows for the BT Headphone…
will show up like this:

[NEW] Device 1C:5D:76:C7:8B:89 MAJOR III VOICE

where 1C:5D:76:C7:8B:89 would be the needed UUID …

Cambridge Silicon Radio Bluetooth Dongle (HCI mode) driver: btusb
This is an older dongle ?

This is an older dongle ?

i can’t remember now but the one i’m using right now is old (i have a newer one but this one add some additional problems)

Sometimes there are issues because wireplumber shuts down the audio nodes.

We had a posting about it just recently, should give it try.

i will, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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