Bluetooth Audio Breaking Up Fix

So I use my Bose bluetooth headset to listen to audio while working on my linux rig. I have had an issue with audio breaking up badly at times and on Ubuntu based distros would even cause the PC to freeze up. At any rate the audio break issue continued for me on EndeavorOS and I spent allot of time searching for a fix. Finally began reading the Arch guides on bluetooth and found out about the 50-bluez-config.lua file! @ /usr/share/wireplumber/bluetooth.lua.d/ I then went looking through the config piece and found the --["session.suspend-timeout-seconds"] which is set to 5 by default. I set it to 0 – 0 disables suspend then reboot and this seems to have resolved the issue. I will continue testing over the next few days and hopefully it will continue to be working normally. Just thought I would share this for those of you who use bluetooth headsets and are having the same issue.



is the file you edited?

Yes that is correct. I corrected my file path in the original post.

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@joekamprad can we have this set to 0 in Endeavour by default?

Please don’t. We shouldn’t fix individual device quirks by changing the otherwise working default (datapoint: me) for everybody.

This should probably go under “Troubleshooting” into the Arch wiki. Or EOS should maintain a pkg with a wireplumber config script specifically targeting reported devices. An EOS “general-pipewire-wireplumber-quirks” package fixing known device issues could actually a nice distro feature.

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Real Bugs should get fixed upstream and users should report with providing needed details.

And this default with 5 is somehow a power saving feature. . . Plus I am sure it will get solved soon (or should :wink: )

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