Blender can use CUDA for render without cuda package

Blender can use CUDA for render without cuda package.
Tested on both blender from the arch repository and just downloaded as .tar.xz from the
Laptop was in the hybrid mode, I ran blender without prime-run so I also tested out that hybrid mode can you discrete GPU not only with HDMI. Strangely, when I tested it with Unigine Heaven benchmark, without prime-run it’s was using only Ryzen iGPU.

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Interesting…Maybe then you should ask upstream Arch to do cuda as optional package for blender package.

Oh wait, it’s already optional, but it just doesn’t work that way?
Still a packaging issue. if it can work with cuda without cuda package, i guess…

What I still cannot understand, why opposite situation occures with Kdenlive, it’s cannot use experimental nvenc render without a cuda package, while OBS Studio, ffmpeg and others by default use nvenc without a cuda package.

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Unless it’s quirky Arch packaging, there’s only 2 ways to know:

  1. Ask developers
  2. Inspect source code
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Well, with Kdenlive situation became even stranger, before I tested it on my main PC(hello from 2015), with gtx 970+i7 4790, and nvenc render didn’t worked without a cuda package.
But on my laptop with ryzen 5600h+rtx 3050ti, Kdenlive rendered with nvenc without a single error, and nvtop showed that the GPU was under the usage.

  1. Perhaps Kdenlive updated and no more needs cuda for the experimental render
  2. Older nvidia GPUs, at least 900s need cuda, while ~3000s don’t.

Have you found out?


In case of Blender, as I understood CUDA is listed not for the precompiled binaries but for the ones who want to build it on their own.

And about Kdenlive, I still have no clear idea what’s was wrong.

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