Blank icon on panel after new installation

I just did a clean install of EOS using the latest ISO. I picked Plasma DE as I usually do and I noticed that I have a blank icon where Discover package manager usually is in a KDE Plasma install. On an standard KDE Archlinux install I just add packagekit-qt to make Discover work.

Can someone explain what is going on with Discover on EOS? is this a bug or what should I be using for a GUI package manager?

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Yes, that is because it is installed with the defaults and we don’t install discover or any graphical paclage managers.

As for the default GUI package manager, please read this:

If you want a GUI package manager, there are 3 options for you to choose from. All are in the AUR. pamac-aur, octopi and bauh

But you shouldn’t. Discover uses packagekit and packagekit has no support for manual intervention. Using any packagekit-based solution on an Arch-based distro is a good way to break your install.

Of course, you can still do that on EndeavourOS by installing discover and packagekit-qt5


Thanks for your reply. is pamac-aur okay to use or will it possibly break my install just like Discover?

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Pamac is more focussed on Manjaro and it, not the system, can break once in a while.
If you want a somewhat more reliable GUI package manager, try bauh.


pamac-aur is made to be used with pacman/alpm so it shouldn’t break your system.

However, since it follows the Manjaro repos, there are times when pamac itself may not work.

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Thanks, I don’t install many packages via a GUI, but it’s helpful to find them since I can’t spell very well.


Then bauh is perfect.

You may like pacseek CLI package manager.
It follows archlinux standards and has several configurations to make it work as you prefer.

I would definitely suggest pacseek for an archlinux package manager.


For me, a nice terminal “EOS-tool” to have an eye-friendly way to display installed packages would be perfectly enough