Black screen after remote desktop install

I just installed EOS with the Plasma (Wayland) DE with autologin. Everything was working fine. I was looking at setting up some remote desktop stuff and then realized for some I would have to use X11 instead of Wayland to get them to work. I uninstalled all RDP stuff (nomachine, x2go, freenx, x11vnc, xrdp). That was a few days ago. I got back to my machine this morning and did a yay -Syyu and everything updated with out errors. There was a new kernel so I rebooted. When it came back up it started to login (with sddm) I saw the plasma gear spinning. Then the screen went black and only the mouse cursor was showing. Plasma never showed anything. I had to go to a terminal and stop the display-manager service. After running sddm or plasma_session directly it just show a black desktop with only the mouse cursor (I can move the mouse but nothing to click on).

I suspect that something might have gotten messed up when I was playing around with RDP installs but I have no clue what. Any ideas where to trouble shoot this?

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Since it seems you prefer Wayland, and you’ve setup autologin, have a look at the thread below to troubleshoot.