Black app's windows on lauching because of desk effects

While booting, when I launch any application, its windows is completely black, or invisible. To display it again, I have to disable the desk effects and re-enable them (so I type Ctrl+alt+F12 twice).

This bug affects applications like firefox, the settings but not Konsole, which could mean that it doesn’t impact applications from plasma ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Arckaren, several people have had problems installing KDE/Plasma and fingers have been pointed at Wayland, Xprofile, Kwin, Xorg, composting, etc. Take a look at:


for starters and search the forum for more info. My solution was to use the August ISO and let all the updates happen to bring my system up to date. Note, you may have to remove kalu to get a full update. Hopefully there is a hint that you can gleam that will not require a full reinstall. For instance locating .xprofile and deleting it. I never had a .xprofile or xcompmgr to begin with.

I got that Plasma-Windows-Problem with the August-Installer. Commenting the Xcompmgr line in that .xprofile-file solved it for me.
It was this thread that helped me: