Xcompmgr in .xprofile

Hello. Love the experience so far, but as I was making my own adjustments I got a bit confused. There seems to be line xcompmgr & in .xprofile. Because the XFCE’s own compositor is also turned on, I’m wondering why it’s there? :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for your time.

Welcome @pogomann !!!

I guess, which is for me to load at each start of X

xcompmgr will not run at all if another compositor is already running.

if its runs before the compositor after it the other compositor dont work or have issues with each other in fact. display manager does calls .xprofile to start it before the wm after it.

actually i tried a bit with my lxqt / xfwm4 setup, set the xfwm all transpercy possible, but it didnt change :slight_smile:

i do use it on i3 for some time instead of compton, and it do what it should do…
But having this per default inside .xprofile is something i find strange, cause of this i was questioning it here now…

i dont know how much the issues where on people. there was a little had issues with it not so much on tg.
if tears helps with xcompmgr, just document it. but the issues was relaying on xfce i think kde mayby… im not so sure. i dont use a compisition basicly only xfwm4