Bios Update Borked UEFI

So i decided to do another UEFI Bios update on my MSI motherboard because the latest beta version just released as final. I think this is my 14th or 15th update since this X570 board came out. It borked my UEFi again as it does rarely but sometimes for whatever reason it happens. So it wiped out my entry for the drive that endeavourOS was installed on. Lucky me! First i had to reset all the settings in UEFI as the new version sets default settings which has secure boot on and a lot of other settings as well need to be changed. After that i booted on the live ISO and attempted to arch-chroot. I am on grub with btrfs and of course i don’t arch-chroot often and I’m not that well versed with btrfs so it kind of caught me off guard when it was giving me errors about different things such as mounting and telling me there was no fstab files. After my brain stall i did manage to arch-chroot and reinstall grub and update grub. Then my entry for the drive finally showed up in UEFI and i was able to set it as first boot and voila I’m back! Sometimes it a little frustrating because i can reinstall the whole system in 4 minutes or less. :wink:
So now i have the latest UEFI version 7C37vAL dated 2023-07-04.

It updated the following:

  • Modify language related issue.
  • Add ASPM Control item.

So not only did i get grubbed. … i got UEFIED!

Edit: I just had post this because usually i tell it like it is… I never have that problem! :rofl:


So just to be clear if the UEFI entry isnt there the computer won’t boot. It was giving me the shim lock nonsense again.

The solution was to boot on the live ISO and arch-chroot and reinstall grub and update grub.


I’ll set it in stone! :rofl:

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