Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro or Sennheiser HD 660S: Do any of you have experience with these headphones?

I plan to get one of these two headphones soon:

But which one …?
i will use the headphones exclusively for music, movies on the computer. Connected to a FiiO K5 Pro DAC. I am now 61 years old and will hopefully not have to buy new headphones in this life then (at least that’s my plan). I have so far already pretty much everything on the net researched what there is about the two, but am still in doubt about which it should ultimately be.
The Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro says me from the specs and the outer appearance already extremely to, but that does the Sennheiser HD 660S as well. My DAC would certainly have problems with none. The open design is also ok. But I read again and again that the Beyer plays very obtrusive treble, which many find annoying to insurmountable. The Sennheiser bothers me too much plastic, but I like the oval shape of the cans. Therefore my Grage: Has anyone of you one of these parts in use / experience with it? The reviews that I have seen / read, have me only more confused.

I am concerned that the DT 1990 Pro is too analytical for living room music enjoyment.

Are you kidding?!

Not even a question - Beyerdynamic.
They sound like headphones x2 of their price, it’s hands down best ones i’ve heard.

One caveat, they come with replaceable ear pads:

  1. Skin
  2. Soft

Use soft, with skin they sound much more dull, with soft - it’s god sent from heaven.

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And what about oversubscribed trebles?

As long as you use soft pads - none of that, it’s reference headphones which have 0 bad places in my opinion.

Also huge plus - you don’t get tired in them at all, not physically nor frequencywise, i’m sure you’ve heard some pairs which come super annoying very quickly…well this is none of them :slight_smile:

Although personally i’d do Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro (i like closed and semi-closed models), but that’s matter of preference :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your reply. I am already very much leaning towards the 1990 … but I have just not ONLY lossless files, but also very many 320 mp3. I hope that the beyer does not break me too much.

I used to have closed-back headphones, then an HD 555, open-back, for years. I do not like the closed ones so much …

What, are you afraid that good headphones will highlight difference between lossless and lossy? :rofl:

Obviously you’ll hear some, if you have ears, but that’s source fault :slight_smile:
I mean…If you want to make them less truthful or just over-something - you can always cranks some eq or enhancer :upside_down_face:

But they sound so good - i personally wouldn’t.
If you know me from What are you listening to right now? thread, i listen to…all kinds of music, there’s none which doesn’t sound great in Beyerdynamics :slight_smile:

Seriously, you’ll fell in love and would never look back (assuming that 1990 PRO sounds similar to 1770 PRO, coz i’ve heard both but use only 1770 PRO)

I guess it depends on the exact model you had, in my experience if i would to generalize mostly open ones are little less detailed ,since they allow more external sounds in the mix and usually have less of 90-120 Hz bass.

Ideally you should compare directly like in case with 1990 PRO / 1770 PRO

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that’s exactly how it is :thinking:

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I choose reality instead of illusion, get best equipment - and if source is crap (192 kb/s mp3 vinyl rip with reverse l/r channels or something :rofl:) - either deal with it or try to find better one :slight_smile:


I still have a few months until I will have accumulated the necessary change. So I don’t have to decide yet. Only one thing is certain so far: The HD 660S is out. It will happen that I get the 1990 as well as the 1770 to possibly keep the 1770.

In any case, thanks for your suggestion @keybreak :metal:t2:

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I haven’t used either of the two headphones you asked about, but i have a pair of aiaiai tma-2 studio headphones (wired not the wireless ones) and i love them. They are super comfortable and have great sound and you can buy replacement parts if they wear out

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