Better NTFS Support

I think you you should just install EndeavourOS. I Hurd they have a really great online installer with a user-pkglist file to install everything on the fly. Easy-peasy. No muss…no fuss! Done!

It’s called Better EndeavourOS

I briefly played around with custom kernel building, using the linux-zen PKGBUILD as a starting point … pretty quickly didn’t see a tangible benefit to the effort I was putting in though.

If I could befuddle my way through it, you’d be fine.


Indeed, first thing i’ve done after migrating from Windoze is compile Kernel with some rt patches - it’s surprisingly smooth & relatively fast process :upside_down_face:


i hope that this will NEVER boot linux on NTFS , i speak about all /boot section ( /boot/efi/ included )
using a partition ntfs ok

What they want to have Linux to run on Windows NTFS so they don’t have to run it in WSL?

Edit: Won’t be happening for me.

I dont think the driver is developed enough nor intended for that purpose lol

NTFS would have a very bad time with the way linux names files among other things which im sure wouldnt work as a boot drive but i could be very wrong and dumb :upside_down_face: :joy:


Building your own kernel is much easier on Arch than any other distro Ive used. Arch tracks closer to mainline and doesnt make many significant changes to it.

Ubuntu and some others can be really painful to build kernels for a newbie and the documentation for it is sometimes buried.

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