Best website where you can learn Python

Does anybody known a good website (free if possible) that offers python learning? Thank you!

Not sure about site, but apart from just experience of writing software and learn…

If you’re a book person (turkey) this is what a lot of people recommend:

A Byte of Python


Library Genesis :rofl:


I usually start off with content from freecodecamp youtube channel when learning something new.

I watched the first video when I first did python. Its good enough. The only correction I’ll make from the video is that you don’t need PyCharm as a beginner. Its a bit heavy on system resources. When you have done the basics of python, you’ll be at a better position to decide which IDE/text editor to use.

If you prefer written material over videos, here is one:

Note that I didn’t follow this written guide, so cannot verify its quality.

I’m expecting you know basic programming in some other language. If yes, then python will be a breeze. My first language is C++, and whenever I do python, I make the mistake of ending my statements with a semi-colon. :sweat_smile:

Best website where you can learn Python

Usually there isn’t a “best” solution. You need to see what kind of content suits you (video, written, activity based etc). I am more of a video guy. :grin: So decide how you want to learn!

Good Luck!


I saw a video from “Programming with mosh”. Is his channel and videos pretty good for somebody who wants to get into Python?

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So…Is it programming while moshpit?


Yes that channel is good too.
Looks like you are a video guy like me. Derek Banas is another youtuber I follow. His was the first YouTube programming tutorial I followed and I still follow this channel. Recently followed his python/jupyter videos on Time Series.

His voice sounds very professional to me. Here’s one video from his channel

Will re-iterate my statement: Follow only that tutorial which YOU like. :smiley:

1 Like should be a good start. Offers some other stuff too.

Get started learning Python with DataCamp’s free Intro to Python tutorial. Learn Data Science by completing interactive coding challenges and watching videos by expert instructors.


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