Best Linux PDF Viewer?

I’m looking for a light weight pdf viewer, curious what others think. Thanks!


Anything else?

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I use okular but qpdfview is quite popular and lightweight.


Thank you.

There is Atril Document Viewer that is included with Mate. Should work with most GTK DEs.


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If you don’t want a Qt based reader: For basic PDF viewiving, Xreader is an excellent choice.


Any good pdf software (free) available for splitting, merging and editing the pdf documents ?.

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xreader is like atril a fork of evince, but its for cinnamon :slight_smile:

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I use the pdf xchange viewer under wine.

pdfarranger yields pretty good results for sliptting and merging.


I have tried several different PDF viewers over the years (and on various distros) but I always come back to evince. I personally find this viewer to be the most versatile and the most refined one.


The best software I have found for splitting and merging PDF files is PDFsam (add by entering yay -S pdfsam). This is a free program and it is excellent for what it does. The program offers editing but for that ability (a “premium” feature) you must pay.

There is a free PDF editing program called pdfedit-bin which I believe is free of charge though please note that I do not have it installed and I have never tried it (add by entering yay -S pdfedit-bin).

If I need to edit a PDF file (something I have had to do only VERY rarely over the years), I convert the PDF file to a document file (odt) by copying and pasting it into a LibreOffice Writer file and edit that; then I convert the edited odt file back to a PDF, again with LibreOffice. It’s a bit time-consuming (and somewhat cumbersome) but I have not had to do this very often. And that process qualifies as “free.”

I hope that this is of some help to you.



I think Evince is good too.

What do you think about …

Masterpdf. :slight_smile:

I like it…but…

masterpdf 4 is free but is no longer being updated and since pdf is a pretty common attack vector that makes me a bit uncomfortable.

masterpdf 5 is still getting updates but you need to pay for it.

yeah thats true :slight_smile:

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My vote goes to llpp because it is extremely fast on complex PDF files compared to any other mentioned above.
Recently I tested many PDF viewers, and llpp was by far the fastest.

It uses opengl for acceleration.


Complex here means the file contains graphically complex pictures. At least those I just tested.

whats maion difference with mupdf?

mupdf was good too, but graphics was quite slow. But mupdf seems to have an opengl version too, mupdf-gl.

Note that I tested only upstream packages, and nothing from AUR.

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ah ok, basicly only like from pdf readers that can copy & past… :slight_smile:

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