Being locked out of newly installed plasma.. what's going on?

i was just locked out of newly installed plasma twice… whatever password i have entered, it just said “password failed or something” and still at the logged out screen (the one with a lot of hex shape color). i tried my login password and admin password, both failed.
there is no way to power of the system properly,not button, no nothing (usually there should be a button to click to restart or something in most os, but not enos plasma…have i missed out something ? )

i forced restart the laptop, then at the login pass, my KeyBoard does not allow any entry of character… i CANT enter not even a character … hence can’t login also…
for the 2nd time this morning i have to force shut down pc again…

then now, i entered via reboot and does not allow that colorful screen to appear (which should be pwoer management login screen or screensaver login screen…)… what is going on here ?
pls help. what journal or dmesg cmd to give you info to analyse ? or am i being hacked ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

  1. Did you install multiple display managers?

  2. Did you mess with SDDM config files?

  3. Check for Caps Lock and Num Lock before you enter the password.

  4. Even if there is no visual feedback, try entering the (correct) password and hitting Enter. Many password prompts on UNIX-like systems do not echo any character when entering the password. There are no ***** or anything of the sort.

  5. You were not hacked. I can almost guarantee that this is 100% your doing.


Is it this bug?

If so, alter your pam faillock default setting to stop happening again.

To unlock your user now.

faillock --user $USER --reset

Browsing the Arch Linux Bugs page regularly is a good habit to get into.

Or not.


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I’m pretty sure it’s not this bug, but whatever :smiley:

Could also be a keymap issue if non US keyboard is being used, but US keymap was set during install. Probably not in this instance though.

This bug hit me as my passwords are very long and my typing is dodgy, but those who don’t fat finger passwords may not.

He is gonna need a longer explanation I think !

Should i set deny=0 in /etc/security/faillock.conf ??

Depends on the behavior you want.

Try logging in via a TTY terminal (CTRL+ALT+F2), just to double check the password is definitely right…

Use CTRL+ALT+F1 to get back to your usual GUI desktop/login.

Edit: Thanks @Kresimir, I’m an XFCE pleb most of the time :joy:


On KDE Plasma that’s Ctrl+Alt+F1 :wink:


Fair point! :joy:

Edited, just so as not to confuse :grin:

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i didn’t mess with ssdm config file, don’t even know where it is.
i install only plasma no other else… may be i did change the display manager … but i am not sure as that’s in the welcoming pop up box…
i am very sure my password is correct, because in plasma, the password box has a choice of being visible (there is eye like thing in password box, when click, i can see whatever i typed). my first time of “failed login” i saw the password i have entered clearly… and it is in morning, my mind was very clear, no doubt. after i force reboot, i can’t even type my password…

if failed login, there should be a log file in this location right ?
but i don’t have nothing.

yes pls, i don’t need that kind of troublesome password protection at home.

i have forced reboot twice and manage to login just like normal. but i have take note of this method.

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this tty terminal shortcut is diff than that of manjaro.
ctrl+alt+f1 is back to gui, manjaro is f6 or f7 (can’t remember clearly)
btw, what is ctrl+alt+f6 ? why it has got a “hint: num lock on” while other don’t have it.
just curious.

I think it’s because of Plasma not EnOS issue

I have used EndeavourOS Plasma from day one and i never ran across this issue. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Maybe it’s because i tend to stick with the installed packages and i only add the following. Other than changing a few settings.

pamac … just because i can!
chromium …just as a backup as normally i always use Firefox!
simple screen recorder
discover has been part of the packages so i add the qt5 dependency
virtualbox or qemu

The only time i get locked out is when i forget my password. :laughing:


The great thing about Linux is that you can always reinstall the system. I have never had the problems you describe and I have been using Plasma for many years. You need to take your time on the install. When the installer asks for a password, make it something simple and write it down. It also would help to know what make and model is for your computer. Is this a dual boot machine or what. If none of our comments help, install Gnome and see if you have the same problem. Do you have an Nvidia gpu.

I just read this thread:

Does seem similar.

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i have not even installed another package since this fresh installation. still having minor bug here and there… like now, my laptop screen somehow blank… only 2nd monitor works…
don’t ask me why. i just realize just now as i was typing msg on the forum… and then turn my head down… realized the screen is blank. :sweat_smile: