Balloon Tip for Forum Member National Flags?

Hello Community

I have tried to first search the forum for this, using keywords flag, country flag, & national flag`. Naturally a lot of white noise ensued, which might or might not have obfuscated any potential relevant hits, but if so i didn’t find them.

I am enjoying the forum’s capability to display members’ national flags [when they desire to do so in their profiles]; i think this is a nice fuzzy-warm innovation. For me it is also educational, as i am slowly learning of flags i’d not previously known.

On that last point, rather than me needing to manually search the interwebz for any flag of interest, can the forum software somehow have the capacity to generate either a balloon tip upon pointer hover, otherwise a right-click context menu option, to show the country name for the displayed flag? For a lazybones like me, this would be quite a nice bonus.



I suspect this will be down to the plugin being used - it might be worth a feature request there? (I’m going to guess it’s called “member flags”.)


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Actually, using a browser’s web dev tools:


It’s not ideal if you don’t know the country code, but it might be a useful pointer.

Also, it looks like the plugin is “Discourse national flags”?


That’s a really clever idea, thanks!

I shall use this until/unless the EOS team possibly deploy that extra plugin sometime. This will definitely assist me in the meantime.


Hey, Where’s the “ice wall” around your flag? :rofl:


A quick way to determine the flag/country relationship is an excellent suggestions. I’ve been right clicking on the flag and selecting “Search google for image” and it seems to work.


Ah, see here is where, per usual, turning to science helps us.


As is widely known, pumice is very abrasive, & indeed also has a pretty high coefficient of static AND dynamic friction. Now it is also a matter of fact that the oceans surrounding Straya tend to comprise both travelling & standing waves, such that as well as horizontal velocity there is a vertical component [this is easily discoverable to anyone who draws themselves a quick kinematic force vector diagram]. Said vertical component, because of the obvious linear relationship between momentum, mass & velocity, causes a bobbing action which imparts vertical momentum to both the floating pumice and the ice wall, whose abrasive capacity then continually shaves off ice particles. Now though both ice & pumice bob, their contrasting masses & momenta axiomatically creates different bobbing frequencies [you could always further examine this via fast-fourier-transform spectral analysis if desired]. Again expanding on the duh obvious, different frequencies dictate different vertical velocities, hence a non-zero relative velocity at the ice - pumice interface. It’s then unavoidable that the friction generates melt heat & abrasive wear.

It goes without saying that this process creates 42x the normal surface area to density ratio for the ice, which thus incurs an accelerated melt rate. The ice-melt is of cause far less saline than the bulk ocean body, thus creating localised water density fluctuations which, & apols for stating the bleeding obvious, drastically alters the natural buoyancy of any solid objects in the immediate vicinity. Given that the hitherto floating pumice is indeed proximate, it has no choice but be affected by this radical buoyancy degradation, & ipso facto sinks, thinking all along “oh no, not again”.

Now in a scenario of especially unfortunate timing, it just so happens that the photo of the Strayan flag was taken just as the pumice had submerged, & the ice had abrasion-melted. If only the amateur photographer had realised to use an infrared sensor, the implicit enthalpy of the submerged pumice would have been visible surrounding the flag pic. From that evidence it would have been trivial to extrapolate & infer the erstwhile ice wall.

TL;DR: Never be a cheap-skate - use a professional photographer.


When I right click on your flag (in Firefox, my browser of choice) and middle-click on “View Image”, it opens it in a new tab. The URL of that tab is:

If I didn’t know that was the flag of Australia, the filename would be a giveaway: “au.png”

Some country codes are more obscure, e.g. did you know that “hr” stands for Croatia?
You can find all of the codes here:


I use Vivaldi primarily, but that url is also exposed the way J mentioned.

I did not until now, & i only deduced Croatia last night by researching it the long way around. It was actually the need to do that that gave me the idea for maybe an in-forum tool.

Ta heaps for the site – that’s great!


Yepp that’s how I do it also.
Anyway if there’s someone here who knows ruby, you can make a pull request on the flag plugin’s git page to implement this. I’ve already made a request for this, but it might go faster if a pull request with a fix would accompany it.

It should be something trivial, I imagine. Ruby is like magic anyway.


We can perhaps implement it, but isn’t this flag question also a great excuse to get to know each other better and ask the forum member?

Visiting a forum is a bit like dating, finding a way to connect with each other. :wink: :heart:


Well you know dating is not necessarily a geek’s forte :slight_smile:

I mean geeks just need to find out things for themselves, they don’t ask. As you can already see in this very thread there are at least two methods already describing how you can be a geek about it and identify the country code based on the image filename :slight_smile:


Are you familiar with Discourse… if it’s not supported there’s a very big chance it will break. I’ve learned that the hard way this past year.

Not sure what you mean by not supported. I’ve posted the request on the plugin’s repo. I guess the maintainer will support his thing, right? I’m not advocating a change in this forum’s code. That’s prone to be overwritten at the next update.

Btw the forum just glitched out on me. For a few minutes it all went down, and then when it came back up, my last post was missing only to come back a few minutes later.

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Sorry, I thought you meant that.

The glitch was because of an update that didn’t go well, I had to rebuild the app.

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There’s another (geeky?) way to find the country. First, find the URL of the flag picture (like @jonathon described).
Then use this command:

reflector --list-countries | grep -iw "au"    # au is the essential part from the URL

Note that it doesn’t work for every country (because not every country has Arch mirrors…).