Automatic slideshow to play and then exit

Hi! I set up a bspwm rice to have terminal screensavers and other general eye-candy to be playing at all times on a otherwise unused monitor in my room. However, I’m worried about it getting burned in, so I’d like to give the panel a break from it on occasion. Is there a way to play a slideshow at a given interval, and then exit back to what it was doing before? Thanks in advance!

xscreensaver?? it is in the repo.

What is the technology behind the screen?

Unless it is OLED or a really old CRT with low-quality phosphorus, there should be no worries about image burning in.

There are several nice terminal “screensavers”. The one I am biased in favour of is “bashclock2”:

There is also the classic cmatrix.

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That’s true, however @carbroombroom might also be talking about ghosting, which can happen even on IPS, if you work some really long time with static imagery, screensaver helps to prevent that…besides it’s nice touch :upside_down_face: