Autodesk inventor (3d engineering app) runs on linux?

is there anyone who uses autodesk inventor on linux ? i hav not use it for sometime. i am curious… thinking does any linux guy run "autodesk inventor " ?

since commercial app usually does not support open source. i guess, linux guy don’t use inventor 3d Cad… does that means linux users are not engineering ppl ? they never use inventor from autodesk ?

As far as I can tell, you cannot run Autodesk Inventor natively on Linux.

In fact, the selection of CAD software on Linux is not great. If you need to use a specific CAD program, it’s best to have a separate windoze machine for that, or run it in a VM if your Linux host machine is powerful enough.

On Linux we have FreeCAD, LibreCAD, OpenSCAD, QCAD, and BRL-CAD. Some of them look promising, but none of them come close in features to CAD packages like AutoCAD or SolidWorks.


On Wine it seems to run like garbage as well…

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i doubt wine can run inventor … it can’t run many app properly , no to mention such a big app such inventor . so sad. how good will it be if linux does able to run inventor. then i wouldn’t have to remember windows os anymore forever.

Never say never, i use Adobe Photoshop CC with Wine, it’s super-complex :wink:
However with AutoCAD no luck yet (or we don’t know tricks yet) :frowning:

which of the CAD software above you mentioned is the most powerful and one for all CAD ? something worth learning and using ? i would like to try one one.

photoshop does run properly on wine ? or is at crawling speed ?

You’ll have to try all of them and make that decision for yourself. None of them is one-size-fits-all.

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Yep, i can make it run fully with GPU acceleration and all that jazz, however you’ll need to make portable copy from Windows installation or use a good portable :pirate_flag:

Real problem with it is Adobe installer, hence portable :laughing:

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what does “portable” means ?
is it port a software from an os environment into another ? just like build it into java from phyton … or build the same source code from c++ into phyton ?
so that the same source code runs on other environment ?

Standalone. It’s a version of the application which isn’t “installed” to the OS but is contained in a single location or directory, see e.g.


i do have many apps from when i was using windows os… i thought it means portability… such as portable, not need to install… as it portable… not *.msi. just a single runable *.exe file.

how does Ported app works ? whats the working principle behind it ?
i am not 100% clear on this "portable " still a bit … not clear

Yes, that is exactly what it means.

Just think of it as Sandboxed program files + registry, which can run from any location without installation.
Why you ask, if used before? :laughing:

but u can’t just make a source code that was programmed for windows os to run on linux… you have to use wine as emulator… without an emulator, how to make it ported to linux ?

Can you read a little more careful? :slight_smile:
Of course it’s Wine.

as i have said… i used the small apps from the website… without knowing how it works… i just thought it is no need to use registry… thats all… some old windows apps: you can actually just copy out the “after installed” files… and run it without issue… i thought those portable apps are such.

u didn’t mention wine in this statement…

So what, now each statement is set in stone without previous ones?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

ok. since you said it. my bad. lol

Wine reports: