Aura - remove uninstalled pkgs

Playing with aura, read the user guide, but cannot work out the equivalent command to:

sudo paccache -ruk0

Am I going blind :smiley:

Is it not just aura -Scc ?

What’s the deal with aura?
Any benefits compared to pacman?

It’s written in Haskell, separates repo and AUR, and does PKGBUILD parsing to check for obvious issues (e.g. dodgy Bash script behaviour). It looks pretty interesting.


It seems pretty good, it introduces the ability to roll-back an update.

Have logged an issue on the github for this, the only thing I have found is -Sc but that wipes all but one package, I like to hold three in my cache (but it does remove the uninstalled packages)


Are you referring to this?

sudo paccache -rk0 β†’ leaves no cache, leaves nothing, just the package you have now.

sudo paccache -rk1 β†’ just leave one

sudo paccache -rk2 β†’ only leaves two

As it says:

  1. Completely wipes the cache

  2. Wipes, leaves the most recent installed only

  3. Wipes, leaves the two most recent installed of that package.

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I run paccache without sudo and it works here. Something odd on my end?

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You are right, it also works without sudo :+1:

$ paccache -rk0

==> finished: 202 packages removed (disk space saved: 642.67 MiB)


Bad translation on my part, sorry.

(I’ve already fixed it.)


Cache directory: /var/cache/pacman/pkg/
:: Do you want to remove ALL files from cache? [y/N]

You sure? :wink:

sudo aura -Scc

Cache directory: /var/cache/pacman/pkg/
:: Do you want to remove ALL files from cache? [y/N]

Database directory: /var/lib/pacman/
:: Do you want to remove unused repositories? [Y/n]
removing unused sync repositories...

-Scc appears to want to wipe the cache…

-Sc wipes all but one.

Oh, wait, I misread u as v.

-u, --uninstalled     target uninstalled packages.
-v, --verbose         increase verbosity. specify up to 3 times.

So yes, they’re different things… :persevere:

I think we are at cross-purposes :rofl: you were talking about paccache, I was talking about aura.


This is my script so far:



boxp "Updating Mirrors" 1 $colour

boxp "Finding fastest Arch mirror......." 1 $colour 
sudo reflector --verbose --latest 40 --sort rate --save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist &> /dev/null
echo "Done."

date=~/.updates/$(date +%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M)
sudo aura  -Syy
checkupdates > ~/.up.txt
actualsize=$(wc -c <"$file")

boxp "Repos & AUR" 1 $colour

sudo aura -Syu --noconfirm
sudo aura -Auax --noconfirm

if [ $actualsize -ge $minimumsize ]; then
    cp $file $date
    echo size is under $minimumsize bytes

boxp "Clearing Cache" 1 $colour

sudo aura -Cc 3 --noconfirm
sudo paccache -ruk0
boxp "Clear saved states - leave 5." 1 $colour
sudo aura -Bc 5 --noconfirm

#β•‘ Orphans β•‘
boxp "Orphans" 1 $colour 
sudo aura -Oj --noconfirm
boxp "Finished" 1 $colour

boxp is my python script to draw boxes around strings.

Had a reply on GitHub, this feature is not available :frowning:

But the Dev likes the idea… Watch this space " " :smiley: