Audio/Video Freeze unless toggling to and from different outputs

Apologies if this is posted somewhere but I’ve not been able to find anything about after a couple weeks looking around.

Using Cinnamon desktop and all was going well for a few months, but recently ran into an Audio and Video issue. Youtube as an example will freeze and not play, until I select through my different output options and then back to line out. Sometimes I have to do this each time I stop and then want to restart something with sound. Games installed in Lutris will also not launch until I do the same and far worse I usually have to find which option allows it to launch, try to tab out and select the one that allows it actually have audio.

Only difference I noticed was original when all was good I had 4 output options the motherboard analogue and digital out and also my amp digital and analogue outs. When this started I noticed a 5th appeared for HDMI sound output for Navi (6800xt). Monitor does have speakers but I have never used them. I tried disabling this in the options but no luck and I see no way to simply uninstall just that to find out, though I fear I may break more doing it.

Long ago I had a similar issue in Windows when I accidentally installed the HDMI audio driver and switching between headphones and speakers would cause a 5 minute system freeze but that was Windows 7 and on a HD7850. But I can’t help but connect the dots that this is similar.

tl;dr HDMI Audio output option appeared in my sound options and now many things that use sound have trouble playing or launching which is sometimes remedied by toggling through the outputs but sometimes not.

I moved this to Cinnamon, instead od forum and website.

Thanks, couldn’t really sort out the topics. Though I don’t think it has anything to do with the use of cinnamon but something with pulseaudio or pipewire maybe. I just included the DE on the off chance it does.

Forum and websites have to do with issues on our forum and websites. :wink:

I would assume, but it was the only option to post, the way the website and forum lays out the options looks more like a selection of where to go then where to post. Should I just delete and start over because the DE is likely as irrelevant to the problem. Its an audio issue most likely centered around HDMI drivers.

I just moved it to multimedia

Can you post the output of inxi -Aaz please? This will give clarity as to what your system thinks your audio devices are.

Do NOT issue inxi without -z flag! Even audio devices may have unique serial numbers :man_facepalming:

inxi -Aaz


You might want to tell someone else :wink:

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