Audio on Skylake Chromebook?

So, was getting tired of Trinity with q4os on my chromebook, and decided to try Endeavour on it. I’ve never tried to get Arch to fully work on a Chromebook before, but figured it couldn’t hurt. Everything except audio worked out of the box, which of course is good, but doing the same steps to get audio working on Debian (copying over files from /etc/modprobe.d/ /lib/firmware/intel/ and /usr/share/alsa/ucm from ChromeOS) doesn’t work, not that I particularly thought it would given how much more modern Arch is than Debian.
I haven’t been able to find anything about the SkyLake Chromebooks for Arch. Plenty about Baytrail and Braswell, and some about the Broadwell, but nothing about SkyLake audio. Anyone ever done this, or have any ideas?
I’m running the LTS kernel on my Chromebook. I’ve got the HP Chromebook 13G1, Core m7-6Y75, 16GB LPDDR3, 32GB eMMC, 3200x1800 LCD and I’ve swapped it’s wireless card over to a Intel 9260 AC + BT 5.0 (Bluetooth audio DOES work, BTW)
I have since re-installed Endeavour to get rid of all the files that I had copied over from ChromeOS since it was faster than deleting the ones I copied over manually.

Use kernel 5.7.6 (the LTS kernel only as a fallback), install the arch package named linux!

Ask what is built in:

$ sudo pacman inxi # if not installed
$ inxi -Fz

…and especially for audio:

$ aplay -l

I don’t have an HP Chromebook 13 G1, but one can find out anyway:

  • Nuvoton 8825 (analog, for headphone/mike combo jack), working with nau8825 (ASoC)
  • Intel Sunrise Point-LP HDA (HDA Intel PCH), working with UEFI firmware and Intel SST driver.

You should read (even if it’s GalliumOS there, a Xubuntu derivate for ChromeBooks, nevertheless on this matter you can extract basic information also for arch-based)

Have read that article, that’s how I got audio working on Debian.

Really? Then you know basically what is built-in, how to query, what to blacklist, what to install etc.
Statements like

are not really true. The short arch wiki article of another Chromebook with the same SPUs links to it as well.

I.e., you could have at least referred to it yourself, could have written concretely where it hooks.

Burned time (I researched last night and not for me).

And you can also see how many have already read your starting post but have not answered you.

Ok, the article about the C302 might be useful, hadn’t seen that before, since I have no idea what models (beyond the one I have) are skylake, and I just looked at the main wiki for Chromebooks (which specifically call out Baytrail & Braswell and mention the Broadwell Googlebook).
And yes, I expect most people have never tried this, or even CONSIDERED it, given most people have never owned Chromebooks. I’m perfectly fine with if I can’t find that someone that has and posted instructions, just shrugging with “noone using Arch has figured this out” and going back to Debian. I enjoy trying new things, and with Arch you figure someone has figured out most things. If it takes insane amounts of troubleshooting, then it’s not worth pursuing given I change OS’s every 2-3 months on most installs due to getting bored.
AS far as knowing what to blacklist, it’s apparently different. I DID that, it changed nothing on ARch. On debian as soon as rebooting after setting up the blacklists it SAW teh audio output, although couldn’t use it (still didn’t have firmwares or alsa config). On this, it did nothing, still saw nothing more than a dummy output, ergo asking if anyone knew of how to do it on Arch.