Attention grub update

for some reason, this command gives: sudo: grub-install: command not found

show the output of:

pacman -Qs grub

… there’s no output, it just gives me another line to type the text in

You are probably using systemd-boot in which case there is no need to worry about any of this.

What does sudo bootctl status show?


… right. I completely forgot that systemd-boot and grub do not exist one within another :person_gesturing_ok: I’m sorry.

(erased the results just in case there was any personal info in here)

Yep, systemd-boot. Nothing for you to worry about here. systemd-boot is automatically updated when it is needed.

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honestly big thanks to y’all for willing to help out a noob like me that makes very simple mistakes (I’m sorry) :person_gesturing_ok:


No worries, we all were newbs once!
One day you’ll become a big strong :clown_face: like myself!



thanks :"d
well… to be honest, my main problem / mistake is probably that I refuse to really learn that much… I’m just a non-tech normie who just has really specific distro choice criteria which led me to refusing proper newbie distros and going with EOS just hoping that things will go alright :"d (I do genuinely find a lot of stuff difficult to comprehend though)
I often stop learning at what is directly necessary for me to make things work
it would be pretty amazing if I will at least eventually be able to avoid creating unnecessary preventable issues where I need to ask for help :smiling_face_with_tear:
this community is quite amazing though, I was a bit anxious when I heard that linux community in general is not often newbie friendly, but here I feel very welcomed and taken care of :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I guess some of us have pure Arch on other machines, besides EOS, to learn and experiment on, and perhaps with the EFI system partition mounted at /boot. Then you’ll get error messages.

If I’ve understood Dalto’s recommendation correctly, in that case it is to be modified to this:

sudo grub-install --efi-directory=/boot --no-nvram
sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

At least it seemed to work for me.


If I am not mistaken --efi-directory for grub-install defaults to /boot/efi.

As Arch seems to recommend ESP to be mounted at /boot or /efi then the path should be explicitly specified as you have done

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That section seems to be more focused on systemd-boot than grub. Some of the information doesn’t fully make sense for grub.

Also, even the reference that claims that /boot/efi is discouraged is just a comment in a PR for systemd-boot.

with the --no-nvram option, /boot is not updated because the NVRAM variables already exists. that’s why you can omit the path to the boot folder, that’s how I understand it. Is that correct?

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Yes, I kind of realized that.
Though some users using grub might also be using those mountpoints as @LamnaNasus has seemingly done.

systemd-boot is only mentioned in conjunction with a too small ESP where an “Extended Boot Loader Partition” (XBOOTLDR) is needed to be mounted at /boot.

Yeah, on my Arch manual install, I found it safest to follow the recommendations, for the time being.

You’re kinda programmed, in the beginning, to “The Arch wiki is ALWAYS BEST AND CORRECT”.

That’s what I also understand reading those recommendations. They don’t seem to target any specific bootloader.

Confession: I still use /boot/efi on my Arch installs. Creature of habit :sweat_smile:

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That reads more like information than recommendations.

That section broadly assumes that the kernel and initramfs are contained on the ESP. In the case of grub, that isn’t the case. It might not be specific to a single bootloader, but it certainly doesn’t consider grub for some reason.

That looks like quite an implicit assumption on the part of the author then.
I would think some more transparent explanation should have been given.

When it comes to mounting ESP at /boot, it is said:

This ensures that the above files are accessible to most boot loaders

This doesn’t seem to exclude Grub?

Anyways we seem to be entering the field of exegesis which I don’t think this thread is about :wink:

It probably(hopefully) isn’t deliberate. The Arch wiki is maintained by the community, the people writing things are not experts about everything.

While it is almost undoubtedly the best single source of Linux knowledge available, it isn’t infallible.

That one sentence is pretty broad so I am not sure how it could exclude anything. However, grub doesn’t need the ESP to be mounted there for the files to be accessible and, in fact, mounting it there has pros and cons as it relates to grub. None of the downfalls are mentioned at all there.

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I do like it … it invites users to knowledge :wink: