[ARM] Raspberry Pi update

There have been a couple of improvements for the Raspberry Pi 4b and Raspberry Pi 400.

The first step in installing EndeavourOS Arm is to install an Archlinux Arm base install. The Image-install script has been expanded to include Raspberry Pi 400.

Up to this point, Raspberry Pi 400 is only available as a 32 bit OS install. When a RPi 400 64 bit install becomes available, the plan is to switch from the 32 bit to 64 bit. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on getting 64 bit on the RPi 400, please let us know.

I feel the RPi4 model b runs better on the 64 bit OS. However, as a side note, if the RPi 400 install is used, it will run on both the RPi4 model b and the RPi 400. One can switch the uSD card between them at will. I don’t know when or why that would be an advantage, but there it is.


Recently @linesma found a problem with the RPi4 model b involving resolution problems at 1824x984. He ran the problem down like a Beagle on a rabbit. Or is that a bull dog on a bone? Anyway his fix has been added to the EndeavourOS install script (the second script) for both the RPi 4 model b and the RPi 400. A tip of the hat to @linesma. Thanks for your help.

That’s it for now.



I prefer the beagle metaphor. Seeing how the beagle is my favorite breed of dog. The problem was that the Pi was not displaying resolutions properly because of over scan. For example, it was displying 1920X1080 at 1824X984.