[ARM] Has anyone got Pine Pro 64 installed yet?

In the EndeavourOS arm website is the following page.

Presented on the page is a link to Pinebook Pro which offers a

archiso image customized for Arch Linux ARM on the Pinebook Pro

Has anyone attempted this on a Pinebook Pro yet?

If someone was to purchase this ROCKPro64 SBC would this be compatible hardware wise to the Pinebook 64 for testing purposes?


I have a ROCKPro64 board laying around here, it’s running ManjaroARM atm.
Haven’t really used it yet, but specs-wise it seems nearly identical to the Pinebook Pro

Would be happy to test some stuff out, if I get clear instructions what to do, and more importantly: how to do it.

I’m expecting a passively cooled case to be deliverd tomorrow, because without a decent heat sink that board runs fairly hot.
Once it has been deliverd, I’ll make the archlinuxarm image for the pinebookpro, and I’ll attempt to run it on the RockPro64

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Here is the Pinebook 64 page referred to above.
here is the README.md on github site that offers the image the github site offering the image
Here is the FAQ on the github site

  • Make sure to thoroughly read the readme and FAQ, otherwise follow the normal Arch installation guide.

Would this be enough to get started with?


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I’ll have a look at it tomorrow, since it’s night time around here now…
I’ll see how far I manage to get, following those links.

If I encounter any problems, I’ll make sure to contact u, to see if we can figure it out.

I don’t know if you, or anyone else on the dev team, know anyone working on ManjaroARM?
They have an image specifically for that board, so at the very least we now it’s possible to get something arch-based running.


12:48 AM? Yeah that would be night time. You must be a night owl like me.

If you have the time and inclination to try this it would be greatly appreciated.
Since everything here is voluntary, here are the EndeavourOS rules.
Family comes first.
Job comes second.
EndeavourOS comes somewhere further down the line.



Found a few threads on the Pine64 forums concerning ArchLinuxARM on RockPro64:

Seems like it won’t be straightforward to get it running

I looked at the links, and it looks like it’s more involved than originally thought.
Play around as you wish, but if you keep running into roadblocks we might have to put this to the side until it is further developed. It looks like a few people are working on this, and they have a huge head start from where we sit.


We’ll see how far I can get…

In the case I don’t get it working, and one of the ARM developers happens to be located in of the neighboring countries of Belgium, I’d be willing to ship over my board as a loan, so you guys can have a go at it yourselves.

It’s just something that I bought as a backup board, so I won’t be missing it really

Shipping costs should be under 15 euro’s for a package this small to the neighboring countries, and I’d be happy to cover those myself…


@Pudge today I had a closer look at the Pine64 forums, but it seems like I may have bitten of more than I can chew.

Half of the things that they are saying over there are things I don’t understand, and when I clone the github repo’s and try to build them it just doesn’t work…

I’ll have another go at it, but as for now, it doesn’t look very promissing…



That is why I haven’t invested in a ROCKPro 64 yet. I’ve got too much hardware laying around as it is, without adding something I can’t currently utilize.

I wouldn’t spend a lot of time on it at this point. I appreciate you looking into it for us.


I’ve had buyers remorse from the moment I started it up fresh out of the box.

My hdmi switch doesn’t play nicely with it, it just sends out a shaky picture if I try to use them together…
It heats up like crazy without a beefy heatsink, which you have to buy separately…
Overclocking means you have to compile your own kernel, instead of editing a config file.
Price / performance ratio it’s actually not that great of a deal…

That’s why after a day of owning it, I went and bought the Odroid N2+, and demoted the RockPro64 to the spare boards bench.
While the N2+ has it’s own share of issues, it’s still a fairly young board, so I’m confident most things will get resolved.
I’ve been mostly happy with it, and it delivers a lot more performance for roughly the same price.


see this

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Pain!!! No nice but it done .

Forgive photo pls . After a beer I will try get EOS on.


Well done.

I went back and looked at your neofetch closer. Kernel 5.8.10-1-Arch
Mainline kernel. That is quite an accomplishment.

@Bryanpwo @joekamprad check this out!



Thank you .


No get eMMc working :unamused::rage: it on 128G sdcard . I order USB adapter as I screw up two eMMc trying :cry: when that come I try again for eMMc

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@Shjim Did you use the image Pine64 provided for it and how does Endeavour run on it?

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I use from here … " https://github.com/nadiaholmquist/archiso-pbp/releases " normal Arch install plus the pine wiki for pinebook Pro ( not straight forward ) Not do EOS script yet as the only work install . I try replicate before EOS.

Sorry it not work . I try again in while

Again sorry for photo

No work after 5 go. So put gnome on and everything work but defo slower than Manjaro :scream:

Need to work out what difference is . I ordered another card and when that come I retry EndeavourOS :+1: but sadly just Vanilla and Manjaro working for me

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