Are you a Tea or Coffee drinker and do you Dunk?

I mostly drink tea but i will have a coffee when out and about as that instant tea some shops serve is horrid.

I have a Caffeine affection/addiction. So the thicker, the stronger the better. No cream and/or sugar ever get close to my cup of coffee.



Only tea for me (when i say some stuff about coffee here it just means i’m really tired :laughing: )

Mostly coffee with milk, tea quite seldom. Tea is best late in the evening (maybe 7 or 8 pm).
And sometimes (if I have sweet biscuits available) I dunk. :smile:

but … the caffeine in Tee is more strong than in coffee :wink: Try out a cold-brewed green tea :tea:

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Not any tea, hardcore pu’er or something like that :upside_down_face:

P.S. I drink it too anyway, just not every day…so :laughing:

Really? I believe you because you should know!
But I’ve always been told that caffeine in coffee is much stronger… (I’m not drinking espresso)

Depends on tea and coffee you compare, tea usually is not as strong, but some tea… :crazy_face:

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chemical they are the same, but same like fructose and saccharose the one in tea doesn’t work as quickly as in coffee, so the effect increases much more slowly but also lasts much longer, in coffee it works very quickly and falls off just as quickly.


Maybe that’s why I don’t have problems falling asleep after drinking coffee…
But I haven’t tested this much with tea.

And likely the brands of tea and coffee make lots of difference, like @keybreak mentioned.

There you go! That’s why I need a refill all the time. Perhaps I have to switch to high caffeine tea sort.

Drinking lots of coffee causes addictive symptoms.
I know this from experience, and after realizing it I reduced the amount of daily coffee.
Now the symptoms are mostly history.


Sometimes coffee acts weird for different people i’ve noticed…

For example myself is 50/50 chance after drinking cup of coffee i can either explode or fall asleep, you never know…That’s why i don’t really like it :upside_down_face:


I mostly explode!


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For me coffee acts wired!! That’s why I drink ristretto from pods! I also drink Yorkshire tea - strong with a splash of milk.


I only drink Green Tea and have done so for at least 2 decades. Don’t drink coffee or other types of tea (ok, maybe Earl Grey once in a while).

Mornings 3 iced espresso shots with enough water to bring it to 16 ounces than add 8 ounces chocolate soy milk.

Once every few days iced chai tea with enough water to make it 16 ounces with honey and 8 ounces of vanilla soy milk.

Lastly every so often during the winter a hot 16 ounce mug of the below with honey.

Well I drink both. Morning is time for coffee, and I keep tea for the evening :slight_smile:


I started drinking a lot more tea and I do agree that unless you go to a specific tea shop, the tea will be horrid, so I only brew my own.

Other than that, I’m still hella addicted to caffeine. Black coffee is the way to go!


I’m a tea person. I like green tea and Earl Grey (my favourite tea is this one).

I also like coffee (especially espresso), but I almost never drink it: the laxative effect coffee has on me is extremely unpleasant. I remember once drinking coffee before a really long train ride… :rofl:

But even more than tea, I really like ale.