Are new Plasma bugs triggered by bad usage?

I’ve noticed two bugs being reported lately:

  1. your apps never open until you rename plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc and
  2. the one when your desktop blacks out and taskbars are invisible.

However, they happened to me many times this week. I don’t know if this bug is random or has something to do with the user. I have seen no known fix other than this bugs are mass-reported, but I want to know if they can be prevented by the user. They happened too frequently and I believe it had to do with bad usage I could correct.

EDIT: as I wrote this the second bug triggered again. It happens every single time I use apps for long since I last updated. I doubt anyone has this so frequently. This has to be solvable, my install is currently unusable.

This happens to me and many other people since IIRC Plasma 5.26. It is very random and I have no idea why it happens but Plasma recovers itself in 1 second and windows stay where they are (for me, at least) so it is hardly a problem.

Never ever had this happen to me! I really can only say i can’t really comprehend this. :man_shrugging:

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A well known issue with new Plasma versions is that the user often needs to clean cache and/or reset/delete local configuration (kde related) files.

Nevertheless, I have the feeling that this time (5.27), things are worse. We can only hope KDE devs improve this some time (before the end of the world :rofl: ).


Why is it i never have these issues users always complaining about? I don’t get it! :man_shrugging:

There is no problem. Don’t worry. Maybe you are lucky, or very humble. You must be a lucky, or very proficient Linux user :wink: .

I am sure you have enough experience in the forum, that you can remember multiple cases, where issues were not happening to every user, but only on some few (or more). This is normal. Then, the relevant developers study the bug reports and try to see what they can do to correct, or improve their code. That’s how it works. It was always like this. :person_shrugging:

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I must be lucky because I’m definitely not a proficient Linux user. I mean i get by. Usually with a little help from my friends. :wink:

I’m not one to make massive changes to so i believe this is the reason that issues happen on KDE. I just can’t see any other reason for it. I make changes that i know work. I try to stay away from some things as i care less about aesthetics and more above usability. If i click on something it better be responsive and open on click or it gets the hammer. :hammer:

Edit: I suffer from computer hardware performance anxiety. :rofl:

Edit2: I got it from using Windows!

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I know, i know!


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Like what, everything works so fast that you don’t really feel anything actually happens and feel awkward about it? :rofl:

No if i click on something it better open instantly or it is junk!

:hammer: time

Edit: I have 10 Gigabit router but this is all i can get maxed out!


Yes. This is exactly that:

Proficient does not mean a Linux expert, but a user that knows how to use the OS properly. We all know that:

most issues happen because plenty of users suppose that any Linux DE, distro, app, should work how they are used to, with a previous OS they were using.



Yes …maybe they think it’s Windows? :thinking:

or xBuntu, or Fedora, or whatever.

But, I guess you are also lucky. :rofl:

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If i was lucky i would have won the lottery long ago. :wink:

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To be on @ricklinux level of luck one has to boot KDE, open Firefox and do absolutely nothing with KDE at all, probably not even breathing air in order to not offset some of those settings accidentally… :rofl:

What you talking about? I’ve probably done more installs than anyone on this forum. I build ISO’s randomly. I beat the crap out of my Western Digital nvme and SSD drives constantly installing and formatting etc etc. I don’t do just KDE Btw!

Edit: Occasionally i do Windows. :rofl:

Edit2: I also do btrfs and i don’t even know what I’m doing half the time. Well most of the time! :laughing:

Edit3: I’m a KDE kid but i also hang out with the Xfce guys and do a little Cinnamon on the side and sometimes I look out the WM’s and see Wayland go by! When i really need a friend i got to my Mate!

The number of bugs on KDE Plasma is greatly overstated. Some “bugs” are self-inflicted, due to user stupidity and unrealistic expectations, some users are too whiny and sensitive, and will complain about silly things which ought to inconvenience nobody. Of course, there are real bugs, too, which are sometimes unpleasant.

But in reality, for something so blo   feature rich as KDE Plasma, it is close to a miracle how few bugs there are, and how great it performs, even on ancient hardware.

But it is simply unrealistic to expect it to be like dwm, which has maybe 0.01% as much code as Plasma.


I do Windows regularly. Every year (once) I fire up Windows on my sister’s ex-laptop, and explain to it why it isn’t allowed to go out on the internet… :grin: Along with ignoring all the offers for anti-virus etc, that’s about it…


That word you didn’t QUITE say may have something to do with XFCE usage here… or maybe not!

Xfce has fewer features, yet performs worse than Plasma. :man_shrugging: