Arch wiki docs offline!

:smiley: I just learned that I can download arch-wiki-lite and arch-wiki-docs for offline reading!

haha, too cool!


Yeah, we’ve discussed it somewhere on forum before - it’s extra cool, and wise might i add, to have an offline archwiki :sunglasses:


How do you read it offline? Via terminal,?

Oooooh yeaaah, well there is also version which have just html copy offline which you can launch in browser as usual :upside_down_face:

community/arch-wiki-docs 20200527-1
    Pages from Arch Wiki optimized for offline browsing
community/arch-wiki-lite 20200527-1
    The wiki without html. 1/9 as big, easily searched and viewable on console.

The docs one have html


Yeah, I wanna know this too.
I ran the commands arch-wiki-lite and arch-wiki-docs but command not found.

Quick Google, do this in terminal: wiki-search QUERY.

Did some further digging, HTML files are located here /usr/share/doc/arch-wiki/html/en

Just run firefox /usr/share/doc/arch-wiki/html/en/Table_of_contents.html

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To find the files of a package, run

pacman -Fl <package>

You may have to run

pacman -Fy

before that works.



haha, thanks for that!

started using arch-wiki-lite, easy to use in the terminal!

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In the interests of making the ‘Arch Way’ install easier (for me) I installed the Archwiki app on my Android tablet. Definitely a worthwhile endeavour (sorry) :grin:


What’s the name arch wiki viewer online?

Or arch wiki manual offline…

Edit also found AURdroid and arch packages brilliant apps.

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