Arch Package Management Being Destroyed

Pamac AUR in my opinion is in ruins.
Why do I think this.
Arch package management is in jeopardy cause of Flatpak’s and Snapd’s.
Why even bother with PKGBuilds since we’ve adopted Flatpak and Snapd?

Arch may soon just be a fork of Ubuntu and Debian.
I’ve had to custom edit Manjaro’s Pamac PKGBuild to eliminate all traces of Flatpak and Snapd.
How the heck did flatpak get into the main Arch Repository?

God I hate it if they call this !#%progress

Sounds like you don’t like the way pamac integrates flatpak and snap but has nothing to with Arch. Arch doesn’t support or endorse pamac. It is software coming from Manjaro.

I don’t see any issue with flatpak and snapd being available for those that want them. They aren’t installed by default and I suspect most Arch users don’t use them.


There is no need to be upset.

AUR and ALPM are not going anywhere in the foreseeable future.


Flatpak isn’t located in AUR where it belongs ----->> It’s in the main Arch packages - That’s my primary gripe.
Exactly - I don’t like Flatpak or Snaps invasion

Presumably there are lots of packages in the repos which you don’t use. It doesn’t mean they are invading. If you don’t prefer it, don’t install it. Inclusion in the repos doesn’t indicate endorsement.


Well, I hate snaps as much as the OP (probably even more). That’s why I don’t use them…

Besides, Snapd is not in the official Arch repos (and even if it were, I wouldn’t care…)

Flatpak is not so bad, there aren’t any privacy concerns with it like with Snapd. I still don’t use it, since there is nothing there I need and can’t find in the AUR.

It’s not like you’re forced to use Snaps and Flatpaks…


I’m 90% in agreement with this. I DO use Flatpak, for 1 package. RetroArch. I’ve never managed to get the repo version to play the games I want, whereas the flatpak version “just works” after installing it. So I use it rather than the repo version. Other than that, I dislike snap greatly, and would never use that (even have snapd package pinned at -1000 priority on my KDE Neon install to prevent it from ever getting installed).

I agree Kresimir
Everything I need has already been available in Arch packages and the AUR … so why complicate issues.
Besides we can create our own PKGBuilds

Arch Motto is: Keep IT Simple

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Well, there is nothing we can do about it here, Arch is upstream…

You could go on Arch forum and ask them to remove Flatpak from the repos. Just let me know in advance so I can make some popcorn and enjoy the show… :rofl:


Obligatory disclaimer: this is a joke, not a serious suggestion. If you do it, I am not responsible for anything resulting from it.



You funny :+1:


Is it on testing or something btw?
I don’t have it in main repo yet

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Flatpak? It’s in the repos:

Snap is in the AUR.

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pamac i mean
or i missed the point and need to kickstart my heart…? :rofl:



Pamac is not in the repos, no AUR helper or GUI wrapper for pacman is in the Arch repos, and it’s very unlikely it will get there in the foreseeable future.

Yay is in the EndeavourOS repo, though.


The number of people I’ve seen who ask for a Debian-based Arch…

“This distro would be the best but could it be based on Debian instead because that’s what I’m used to?”



What about Arch-based Debian? :slight_smile:

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…I… am not understanding your point.
It seems indeed that you are trying to make an argument that Arch will be “ruined” because pamac, a program that isn’t even in the main repos, supports flatpak and snaps?

That doesn’t make sense.

As for flatpak being in the main repos… why shouldn’t it be?

About as crazy as an Arch-based :green_square: !


(Solid internal joke. Yup.)


Flatpak’s open source and actually decentralized (snapd is partially open-source but not decentralized). There is a lot of nonfree software in the repositories, such as Discord. Most people only use like, 5% of the repositories (random number from nowhere). If you don’t like it, don’t use it. I’m not a fan of either system, and the AUR has everything I need (although I’ve been working on my own declarative package manager, like nix, for fun in my spare time). But what I love about Arch is that it just gives you the freedom to use whatever you desire, without imposing anything on you.

well, most things anyway… systemd and glibc are some that you can’t get rid of so easily :wink:


I want Gentoo based suicide Linux with snaps!
NOW!!! :japanese_ogre: