Arch Linux's Pacman 6.0 Enters Alpha With Parallel Downloads Support

Video of it in action in the link.


Even faster Arch! :partying_face:
Just when i was reading about powerpill :upside_down_face:





So can I remove powerpill?

Interesting, kills yay completely though. Rebuilding paru to test if it also kills it.

Edit - paru requires a rebuild, but works OK (rebuilt with aura).


powerpill? Am I missing something?

Mine already downloads like that. :laughing:

I have a fast internet connection, so im guessing this wouldn’t help(powerpill) much?

Powerpill is missing. :rofl:

Edit: I’ll wait for Pacman 6.0

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I’ll wait for pacman 6.0 as well. :smiley:

Reflector seems slow at getting a server list update these days too…

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The installs seem slow also. :thinking: I am installing kde right now.

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When this does eventually get officially released, make sure to set ParallelDownloads = N in your pacman.conf, where N is the number of simultaneous downloads you want. Usually the number of CPU cores that you have.


@ fosskers
Welcome to the EndeavourOS forum. I hope you enjoy your time here.

I checked out your github page. You wouldn’t happen to have any Calamares experience?



By CPUs I’m assuming you mean cores? When you go to pacmac gui and go to preferences then under the general tab is the Max Parallel Downloads the same thing?

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For anyone wanting to try it:

sudo pacman -U

But as I said earlier - it breaks yay, so install an alternative like trizen.
And take a snapshot or back-up. This could break your computer :smiley:
Oh and don’t forget to check the pacnew that is created.


Just a reminder to everyone - this is an alpha package. You should expect bugs at this stage.


I don’t have any Calamares experience, although it looks interesting. What prompted the question?

well, would be great if Arch would offer delta upgrades. That would make updating faster.

My 50Mbit connection is completely used anyway by the big update files. But downloading the complete 80-100MB package and decompressing it although only 20kB have changed, THAT is what makes updates “slow” here :stuck_out_tongue:

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You’d probably use more CPU and IO time re-creating the packages from deltas than you’d save by avoiding the download… :thinking:

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ryzen 2700X and Samsung 960 EVO nvme-disk :wink: those are not the limiting resources.

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