Arch linux gui?

I never heard about them before, are these guys arch developers (I don’t think so)? Distro name is confusing to me.

Also covered by techut today…

Still looks interesting though. But a lot to maintain to release monthly isos

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i dont think they must use that namen… if somereport they should change the name also =)

this sugest to much to arch also :slight_smile: i think for some reason arcolinux changes his same probably too.

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I agree they are using the logo and name so it surprises me that Arch hasn’t forced them to change it.

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It doesn’t look like a distro to me. It looks like an Arch installer.

That being said, I haven’t tried it myself.

It also looks they have themed editions with wm. They create isos/installers for each of them.

Their video mentions that the goal of the project is to facilitate use/installation of arch using a gui. They certainly have a nice web developer and made the whole project look nice.

However, to my opinion, they sound like they want to make this project into a distro, although they call it editions.

TechHut nicely summarizes it. It is a nice way to try/install arch and have the arch linux logo in neofetch if that is something you are into :grin: but personally he prefers EOS :wink:

I think it’s nice if you want to download and try a specific desktop on the live iso. I don’t think we can do it on EOS, because the DE are only on the online installer. Could be a quick way to try them before installing on EOS :grin:.


but i think it showed here somewhere too :slight_smile: dont think arch bother what they doing…, its more people of ALG goes to, that could give problem offcourse :slight_smile:

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I just tested the plasma-pure, which is essentially arch with a minimal plasma desktop. It installed in a about 4mins.

archlinux should have done something like this, (IMO) instead of building ‘archinstall’ from scratch which is quite buggy at the moment, I also believe Debian went the Calamares route.

Not really, once you have the initial file structure, its just a case of rebuilding the ISO which will in turn update to the newer packages.


I like how they have all the “big” DEs and even something special:

Zen Edition (Plasma’s 25th Anniversary Release)

This release is to celebrate one of the longest developed desktops, KDE’s Plasma Desktop, which turned 25. The Live CD include the 25th anniversary release.

This edition differs to Vanilla Arch Linux, due to the inclusion of the following components:

  • The Linux Zen Kernel
  • BtrFS as default File System
  • Zsh as default shell
  • Z standard compression for ISO image
  • Chaotic AUR Repository
  • Pamac Software Center
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Well I guess its compiling each iso separately and also testing whether they work. I have created my own iso via arcolinux, it’s true, compiling is one script/command away via terminal once things are set up.

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Like Arcolinux (a ton of ISOs, but lighter, I hope). Will try this thing asap today.


If you use the ‘pure’ ones they are just archlinux with the appropriate desktop, even the non pure versions are light :wink:

Well, it is like Calam-Arch Installer (… Another “rip off” of EndeavourOS in some way… Not a real interest at all :slight_smile:


its only funny people rotating… is like driving a rebranded model :slight_smile: but its linux your always free to go :heart_eyes: thats reality.only its name raises some questions… in time probably need to change there name also archlinux guys dont follow a bit of the names even its a installer the name brand is named and like alg is pretty close…but arch is popular currently… its not strange because we like to k.i.s.s it :slight_smile:


Installed vanilla kde. Basic ext4 partition is what you get. No swap.Installed everything else including cups for printing, bluetooth, yay, pamac and all my programs as well as the kde packages that weren’t included.

There was also no browser! It is pretty much basic vanilla plasma install.


[ricklinux@arch ~]$ yay -Ps
==> Yay version v11.0.2.r14.g15d91e4
==> Total installed packages: 944
==> Total foreign installed packages: 6
==> Explicitly installed packages: 192
==> Total Size occupied by packages: 7.3 GiB
==> Ten biggest packages:
linux-firmware: 715.6 MiB
libreoffice-fresh: 419.0 MiB
go: 410.1 MiB
spotify: 267.7 MiB
chromium: 238.9 MiB
mariadb: 235.9 MiB
firefox: 221.8 MiB
thunderbird: 194.4 MiB
qt5-webengine: 152.6 MiB
gcc: 151.3 MiB
:: Querying AUR...
[ricklinux@arch ~]$ 

They also have a themed version, flagship kde, I think it comes with firefox etc and the other versions are geared to be just plain kde, xfce etc as vanilla as possible.

No, and they’re going to run foul of the trademark policy.


In a virtualbox?
So did I with the themed version, runs fine only the desktop effects don’t work…

Tested the ‘xfce pure’ version. It’s really like juste a basic arch install with X and vanilla Xfce (without ‘xfce4-goodies’). Installed system is light in packages (a little more than 300 packages installed). It uses the Calmares installer.

As the result is really ‘pure’ Arch with X preconfigured and your DE of choice, i really think that official Arch would provide the same. Other flavors are themed DE but i do not see the point of it as a project like Calamarch already provides the same thing.

No i installed it on my HP Ryzen 4700u with Windows 11. I installed everything the same as i would have it using EOS to test. I remember these guys in the early beginnings of EOS. This is same installer on Calamares. :thinking:

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