Arch Linux ARM (alarm) installs

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As far I know, EOS does not support ARM right now.
I’m sorry for you.

But who knows what the future brings…

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That would be nice, to have and EndeavourOS on my raspi and the rockpi. But i think it is a future wish which needs more devs to work on that.

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You can go here and click on the Platforms tab at the top and see all ARM platforms that are supported. Select a Platform, then you will get Overview and Installation tabs. Installation tells how to install Arch Linux ARM (alarm)

I just installed alarm on an Odroid xu4. This gets you a base Arch Linux base install. Then like the Arch way, I installed xorg. Next LXQT, lightdm, and xf86-video-fbturbo-git which is the recommended software graphics accelerator for ARM as I understand it.

I am typing this post on Arch Arm LXQT in firefox. Here’s a screenshot

The Odroid XU4 is more powerful than the average Raspberry Pi, don’t know how it compares to RockPi 64 I assume. On the XU4 it is usable.


I am currently working on a project which MAY include installing a LAN server, or NAS if you will, on an Arch ARM device. This would also include an EndeavourOS base install for a x86_64 version of the LAN server.
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I would love to hear more on setting up a raspi (or odroid xu4) nas or nextcloud server using EndeavourOS. I’m sure there are people in this community who likes selfhosting and/or have privacy concerns. By the way, this can be extended to other tasks like pivpn, pihole etc.