(Arch Linux/Arch Install) How to merge / and /home (2 partition) into 1

Hello! I know I am not using endeavor os but from what I could gather its basically arch, I use arch linux, I don’t wanna post in the arch linux forum because newbies like me are gonna get destroyed there, here is my issue:

Basically I use kde with arch linux, I noticed in my gnome disk manager I have 2 partition for my main nvme drive, 1 of 20GB and one with the rest of the partition (About 978 GB) my issue is both of them are in the same drive while the 20 GB display the full amount, my kde system is bugged out and my qemu virtual machine does not want to install window 10 because it think my partition is full when its not, can you help me fix this issue? Here is the screenshot:


Please let me know if you need a specific type of log and give me the commands/wiki for it
Btw sorry for not being accurate in what im explaining, I have never experienced any issues like that and I did not find any wiki about it and how to fix this, might be my choice of words that are poor. Thank you for your help!

Why not change qemu’s default storage location from /var/lib/libvirt/images to somewhere else? /var/lib/libvirt/images is obviously on your root partition. And if there’s 20GB left in the root partition, it’s probably a bad idea to install the image there anyway. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 64-bit requires at least 20GB of disk space, which means you’ll be left with no space on your root partition after the installation. I doubt your Arch installation can continue to function after that unless you remove a bunch of packages to clear up space.

I also do not quite understand the title of your post. Can you clarify what you mean by partition being in double?

Basically I have my / in the 20GB and the /home/ in the 975 GB, I have no ideas how to merge those two without loosing my data. I guess I did a mistake with the archinstall script

Back up your data first, and then use a tool like Gparted to resize the partitions? It can be done.

I would also recommend editing the title of your post. Because I don’t think what you described counts as a bug. And the meaning of “partition being in double” is a bit unclear.

Can I use gparted into a gui? Arch linux does not have a desktop environment into the live iso, can I use endeavor’s iso?

Yes. Gparted is basically parted + GTK.

Yup. Just remember to back up all your data first.

I am sorry I have no ideas how I would boot my system after that, do you have a wiki?

Alright, I will try to back up / but I really wonder how I would do what I mentionned above (To avoid spam)

First you have to create a bootable media. For this step, you can follow the instructions here


After that, shut down the system, plug the usb into the system, then boot it up again. From the system’s boot menu, select the USB with EOS as the boot media. That will take you right into Endeavour’s live environment.

Inside the live environment, open up Gparted and select the drive you wish to operate on. Since your partitions are adjacent to each other, you can merge them into one.

Alright let me try to use the endeavor OS’s live iso and open this post on my phone, I will give you news in a bit it won’t take long

Hey! I am inside the live usb, this might sound really dumb but if how do I merge them without loosing the data? I know you can merge them by making them unallocated but I fear its gonna wipe my data on both partitions. I have no ideas how to merge them together and boot my system without loosing anything, got any clue? Yet again sorry for being a newbie, I have never done this before

Again. I’d like to remind you to back up your data before doing anything. To combine the partitions, you use Gparted’s merge option. This is possible because your partitions are right next to each other. Gparted will take care of moving your data around and then merging the two partitions.

Please make sure to backup your personal data (at least), which @anthony93 already suggested.
Changing partitions is risky business unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Also, when changing partitions, the UUIDs will change too, so your boot may not work without making the proper fixes there too.

The thing is even on my main pc and my iso I cannot backup / it just throw me “permission denied” for a lot of folder but not all of them, do you know how to fix this? Will a “Sudo chown user:user -R /” fix it?

Update: I did sudo chown liveruser:liveruser-R / and sadly my drives don’t have enough space to backup /

No. Don’t do this. If you really want to gain access to the root partition, you can perform an arch-chroot. Then again, if you want to back up your root directory, just copying them somewhere isn’t really the way to go. You are better off using a tool like rsync


Alternatively, you can just use the dd command to back up the entire drive to an iso file. For example, let’s say your drive is /dev/sda:

dd if=/dev/sda of=/somelocation/backupname.iso bs=4M status=progress

To restore,

dd if=/somelocation/backupname.iso of=/dev/sda bs=4M status=progress

Well I guess im fucked

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Don’t do anything just yet. Take a deep breath and try to relax.
Let’s tackle this slowly, step by step, only one step at a time.

Question: do not reboot, are you able to use normally your system now?