(Arch Linux/Arch Install) How to merge / and /home (2 partition) into 1

Well I wanted to make a backup of / but did not have enough space, I could had used rsync but my dedicated server don’t have enough space either and I use it for gaming hosting, I bet my luck and I was not able to boot my system after merging, I wish I could had saved it but had no space, im gonna try to install endeavor os this time, but last time I used it my system would just crash out of no where and auto restart, I guess if I have this issue again I can post it on a new post. Yet sorry for no waiting I really wanted to play starfield Lol

OK, reinstalling may get your system up and running again. But I’m afraid you may have lost your personal data on that machine.

If you haven’t reinstalled yet, you could boot into the USB installer drive and show the output of this terminal command:

lsblk -fm | eos-sendlog

and show the output (the address) here.