Arch Advantages/Differences?

Arch Linux

Arch Linux defines simplicity as without unnecessary additions or modifications .

Whereas many GNU/Linux distributions attempt to be more user-friendly, Arch Linux has always been, and shall always remain user-centric. The distribution is intended to fill the needs of those contributing to it, rather than trying to appeal to as many users as possible. It is targeted at the proficient GNU/Linux user, or anyone with a do-it-yourself attitude who is willing to read the documentation, and solve their own problems.

Arch Linux is a general-purpose distribution. Upon installation, only a command-line environment is provided: rather than tearing out unneeded and unwanted packages, the user is offered the ability to build a custom system…


Are you that distro-hopper that always have been curious to try Archlinux, but you think you aren’t confident enough to do the install process and dealing with bleeding-edge releases after install?

We’re offering you an install process with a friendly installer that will set up your system in a headache-free and swift manner.

Stupid questions simply don’t exist with us, we’re happy to help you through your system and the terminal commands from beginning to end in a friendly manner.


When I installed endeavor, it came with the same wallpaper and looked identical to the wallpaper and theme that came with my Arch build. . .:face_with_monocle:

Endeavor has an installer and a repo with I think 4 things in it.

That being said, it’s not pure Arch. I’m literally the reason for the 99% Arch joke here. But it’s damn close.


* Hey, it’s 99,99% :sweat_smile:

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I think it’s better to look at it as 100% EndeavourOS.


Unless you change the wallpaper. But if you want the benefits of Arch repo and aur without the installation of Arch, it’s the best product on the market these days!


Let’s call it 1000% EndeavourOS! :upside_down_face:

And then donate both to Arch & EndeavourOS to keep 'em rolling :partying_face:


You mean 999.99% arch?



pls answer me this … I installed base Arch ( Arm ) the arch way then i added EOS as graphical interface . which is very well done :+1: but like all my arch installs i change it to what i like ( which is beauty of linux ) so what have i got ? arch or eos :wink:


You have Archeos? :thinking:


I think it’s 100% GNU/Linux :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Arch as you installed the Arch way its that simple. what you add after is by and by. Plus the fact EOS graphical interface is is arch anyway if you mean the tiny EOL repro its mainly AUR,
I can’t see ARM as any different to Arch Arm any way.


Please at @Shjim don’t take me wrong at the moment I’m not a arch user as i use EOS. I’m having a break after using Arch used it since 2004.
I also drive a Skoda Octavia built from VW parts apart from the body shell but its not a VW, nor is a Audi, or a Seat, or dare I say Porsche, or Bentley.
Just because a distro uses Arch repros does not make it Arch, the same goes with Debian, and its 100 spins.
So at this moment i’m a proud EOS user. Lol :+1:


You’re one of those people who says mashed potatoes aren’t the same thing as regular potatoes aren’t you? :upside_down_face:


Gonna be honest I don’t understand the EOS isn’t Arch idea when the only thing it does is install all the things you’d install for a functional Arch desktop anyway.

We really gonna brow beat over a CLI vs Installer method when the result is the same?

“I’m running ‘pure arch’ and its setup like EOS would be on default but is better and not the same because I did it by hand”… OK Chief

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Well mashed potatoes usually have butter and milk added so not the same. lol
So your saying Mac burgers and burger king are the same both made with beef after all and both crap but made by different companies.
So if you install arch its arch if you install EOS its EOS
Or are you so damn ashamed to call your system EOS cause it might not give you street cred and Arch does.
Be proud of what you install after all its all made from Linux source code.

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Except EOS and Arch use the EXACT same ingredients. Its not Mac vs BK but the difference between MacDonald’s giving you the Burger ingredients and making it yourself and MacDonald’s employees making it for you. Still MacDonald’s burger either way.

Also that would imply I had anyone to get street credit from. EOS forums know I use EOS and I don’t really participate in any other communities these days. Not that there’s any real street credit to be had from running Arch or not.

Edit: the entire point of EOS is making Arch accessible without having a huge maintenance burden. Its uses Arch repos and EOS repos/git only has some useful tools for doing its objective and Themeing

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Endeavour is different from Arch. Arch has a specific DIY philosophy attached.

Endeavour is an Arch-based distro. It has its own identity.

It’s a good distro, and if you use it, you should be proud of it. Don’t say “it’s the same as Arch.” Say “I use EndeavourOS.” Give the distro and its developers the credit that they deserve.


The ingrediants make no difference what so ever Arch is a base with repros nothing more, EOS is a vision by the developer you get the developers vision not arches, arch does not even support a desktop just gives the apps to build one if you want to. EOS gives you working desktops you don’t have to build. you are trying to say If you buy all your building supplies from B&Q the house was built by B&Q it was built by the builder.
In our case the software was supplied by Arch the builder was EOL its a insult to say its Arch as its EOL. Arch is only Arch built the arch way. Any other way is the name the developer chooses


That is literally how they describe it, its on the main site in the first paragraph. That’s a straw man argument at best and implies somehow that I’m discounting anyone’s work by saying EOS is Arch + Easier Install. Nothing about that statement does that and that’s such a bizarre mentality when that’s exactly what it is.

We EOS folks take Arch, have it easier to install/automated and take over support for people that use the tools because Arch purists will reject them

Well, if you really want to get pedantic, they say:

…are you already familiar with Archlinux, but you’re looking for an express install with a system that’s close to your beloved distro?

“Close to.”

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